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Product Model: Deep cycle Rechargeable 12V 30Ah LiFePO4 Battery with BMS

12V 30Ah LiFePo4 Battery

Product Description: Manly LiFePo4 battery pack has the characteristics of long life, a high number of deep cycles, small self-discharge, low internal resistance, etc., no matter the performance or host supporting are leading, is the best in the power industry. Main supporting telecom,intelligent robots, UPS, mobile communication products, AGV/RGV, security field, lighting products, sightseeing cars, forklifts, low-speed electric vehicles, PV energy storage, communication base stations, medical equipment, series composed of 24V/48V/80V battery pack, size and capacity can be customized.

- manlyLight in weight:

LiFePO4 substitution battery is only approx. 1/3 of lead acid battery in weight;

- manlyEnvironmentally friendly:

LiFePO4 does not contain any harmful heavy metal elements, pollution-free both in production and actual use.

- manlyLong Cycle Life:

This battery is with over 2000 time charge and discharge cycle life, after that, capacity left is still 80% of original value, self discharge rate is much lower than li-ion battery and lead-acid battery;

- manlyCustomized &Save Time:

Battery cells, size, capacity, voltage, connector…most parameters can be changed according to your request. You don’t need to take too much time to search an exist model

- manly


1)Energy Storage: PV Energy Storage, UPS , backup ,power station;
2)EV : Golf trolleys , Electric scooters;
3)Solar System,Wind Energy Storage,Solar/Storage Home System, Solar Street Light;
4)Telecommunications Base Stations;
5)UPS(Uninterrupted Power Supply);
General Energy Storage (Such as: Back-up Power, Miner’s lamp, portable power supply, digital products etc.)

Other parameters

Deep cycle Rechargeable 12V 30Ah LiFePO4 Battery with BMS
Electric Characteristics
Rated Capacity 30Ah Energy 384Wh
Nominal Voltage 12V Specific Energy 102.4Wh/kg
Internal Resistance ≤50mΩ Cycle Life 2000+
Charging and Discharging Parameters
Charge cut-off volt 14.6V Discharge cut-off volt 10V
Maximum Charge current 30A Maximum Discharge current 30A
Peak Discharge current 14.6V Suggested charge Volt 14.6V
Operation Temperature Parameters Storage Temperature Parameters
Charge 0~45℃ Less than a year 0~25℃
Discharge -20~60℃ Less than three months -10~35℃
Recommended 18~28℃
Mechanical Properties
Dimension Length 165mm Housing materials ABS
Dimension Width 125mm Terminal size M6/M8 optional
Dimension Height 175mm Cell model 3.2V 6ah
Weight About 6.5kg Configuration 4S5P
BMS function
Protect battery from Over charge, Over discharge, Over current, Short circuit
High safety

(no fire,no explosion)

No memory effect High energy density Long lifespan
Fast Charge Capability Waterproof Individual cell balancing Easy maintenance

Remark: Our products are customized, so the main data can be changed by customer’s requirements.

Other parameters

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