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VARONILEl equipo de expertos tiene conocimientos profesionales.

El equipo de expertos de MANLY tiene experiencia en medición y control, electroquímica, mecánica óptica, electrónica de potencia, procesamiento de señales, instrumentos y aparatos, etc.

Cimatalentos en el equipo

9 profesores y expertos, 2 profesores asociados, 12 ingenieros intermedios e ingenieros superiores, 2 ingenieros jefes, 7 supervisores de doctorado


Profesores y expertos


Profesores asociados


Ingenieros intermedios e ingenieros superiores.


ingenieros jefe


Supervisores de doctorado

R&D Equipo

The Vice President of Technology, also serving as the company’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), is one of the esteemed founders

From his early years accumulating nearly 20 years of experience in the LiFePO4 battery industry, he’s now a leading figure in a renowned lithium battery company. His roles have been diverse, managing developments of various lithium batteries, battery PACK processes, and BMS systems.

This tech leader holds over 20 LiFePO4 related patents, a testament to his pivotal role in developing LiFePO4 battery products. His skills span Li-ion battery technology and BMS technology, making him a pioneer among China’s LiFePO4 experts.

Operating as a battery supplier, manufacturer, and OEM, this lithium battery company prioritizes engineering culture and customer-focused approach. Its teams work on deep technical R&D, creating cost-effective products, and delivering superior customer service. The teams include lithium battery engineers, project engineers, hardware and software engineers, structural engineers, process engineers, and quality engineers, all working in unison at this battery factory.

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Andy Li

MANLY Battery, initially a LiFePO4 battery manufacturer, grew into a well-regarded lithium battery company and battery supplier. The strength of the team, like the CTO with expertise in ISO9000 and TS16949 systems, has been crucial to this growth.

Since 2009, the CTO has led the technical team, focusing on LiFePO4 battery technology R&D, product and process enhancement. His deep knowledge in cell and PACK design and his ability to resolve technical issues underline Manly Battery’s commitment to quality. This further strengthens its status as a reputable lithium battery company.

Manly battery r&d - manly


Starting out as a LiFePO4 battery maker, MANLY Battery has become a well-regarded lithium battery company. It’s recognized as a skilled battery supplier, thanks to its team of experts. A noteworthy team member is a woman with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Design. She joined MANLY in 2009 and works on lithium battery pack designs and their supporting components.

She also develops 3D and 2D drawings, prepares BOM tables, and collaborates with hardware engineers on electrical layout designs. Furthermore, she manages the production of lithium battery packs and their components, and troubleshoots product issues. Her role at MANLY Battery further emphasizes the company’s expertise and commitment to quality.

Manly battery r&d - manly

Daniel Smith

MANLY Battery started as a small lithium battery company. Today, it’s a famous battery supplier and LiFePO4 battery maker. A skilled team, led by a Ph.D. holder in Electronics and Automatic Control, fuels this success. Since 2009, the team has created different safety boards. These include ones for power lithium batteries and many cell batteries. A major focus is on LiFePO4 battery balancers. Their designs cover safety systems for 2-50 series battery packs, managing up to 200A currents.

MANLY’s products power many things. Power tools, robots, and bikes that run on lithium are a few examples. They’re also used in green energy storage systems, car power supplies, and emergency tools. This shows the wide reach of MANLY as a lithium battery company.

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