Introduction to MANLY Base Station Energy Storage Battery

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are gradually entering people’s field of vision because they are more efficient and energy-saving than lead-acid batteries. At present, lithium iron phosphate batteries are mainly used in electric vehicles and have gradually entered the communication industry in the past two years. There are relatively many applications for lithium iron phosphate batteries. Manly is leading lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturers, custom lithium battery pack for energy storage station.

Why are lithium iron phosphate batteries used for base station energy storage ?

A communication base station, that is, a public mobile communication base station, is a form of the radio station, which refers to a radio transceiver station that transmits information with mobile phone terminals through a mobile communication switching center in a limited radio coverage area. The base station is the basic unit that forms a cell in mobile communication and completes the communication and management functions between the mobile communication network and the mobile communication users.

In terms of performance, the life of MANLY lithium iron phosphate batteries is much longer than that of lead-acid batteries. The average cycle life of lead-acid batteries is about 300 times of charge and discharge, while that of MANLY lithium ion batteries can reach more than 2,000 times. In addition, iron-lithium batteries are safer, will not explode, and can achieve rapid charge and discharge with large currents. At the same time, the MANLY lithium iron phosphate battery is more resistant to high temperatures, and the electric heating peak can reach 350 ° C to 500 ° C. In practical applications, the use of a battery incubator can be eliminated.

In theory, MANLY lithium iron phosphate batteries are safer and more reliable than lead-acid batteries, and the cycle charge and discharge life can reach 10 years, which can solve the problem of high pollution and short lifespan of the latter. At present, the MANLY lithium iron phosphate battery has sufficient data to prove that the performance of the MANLY lithium iron phosphate battery is far superior to that of the lead-acid battery, and it can completely replace the lead-acid battery.

MANLY Main Base Station Energy Storage LiFePO4 Battery Module


Nominal voltage


Nominal capacity


Charging current


Discharge current


Communication protocol Bluetooth function Dimension  (mm)



48.0 50 50 1-150 YES YES


48.0 100 100 1-200 YES YES

MF4850A 51.2 50 50 1-150 YES YES

MF48100A 51.2 100 100 1-200 YES YES

A. The above tables are all equipped with communication protocols. According to your needs, whether you need a communication protocol or which type of communication protocol (three commonly used: CAN, RS485, RS232), please let us know before placing an order.

B. The above table is equipped with a Bluetooth function, according to whether your product needs to be equipped with a Bluetooth function, please let us know before placing an order

C. The product designed by each customer is different, the product size is also different (dimension error is about ≤2mm), and the shell material is different (metal shell, plastic shell, PVC shrinkable shell) We can make according to the size of the battery you need Design and production.

D. Connect the batteries in series and parallel to adjust the different voltages and capacities of the batteries according to the use requirements of the product.

E. Since the energy density of MANLY lithium iron phosphate batteries is higher than that of lead-acid batteries, the same voltage, same capacity, and volume can be made smaller. The same voltage, same volume, and capacity can be made higher. To meet your needs of different sizes and different capacities.