Lithium Golf Cart Battery

MANLY 36v – 72v Golf Cart Lithium Battery

Are you looking for top-notch lithium golf cart battery? We have the perfect solution for you.

We’re experts in delivering high-quality golf cart lithium battery options in 36v – 72v. Our lithium golf cart batteries are tailored just for you! They’re not just adjustable in terms of voltage, capacity, and size but are also lightweight and super easy to use.

Why Choose Our Lithium Golf Cart Battery?

  1. Lightweight: Our golf cart lithium batteries are a game-changer. They weigh only a quarter of what lead acid golf cart batteries do. Imagine trimming down 300 lbs from your cart! Plus, they have a long life, offering more than 8000 cycles.
  2. Warranty: Our lithium golf cart batteries come with an amazing 10-year warranty.
  3. Play Longer: With our MANLY battery, double your golf cart’s runtime. These batteries last four times longer than others, giving you amazing value over their lifetime.
  4. Safety First: Our lithium golf cart batteries ensure maximum safety. They come with short circuit, overcharge, and over-discharge protection. The balanced circuit addition is a cherry on top. And guess what? Even if they face a harsh impact, they won’t explode or catch fire.
  5. Maintenance Free: Wave goodbye to constant check-ups. MANLY golf cart lithium batteries are hassle-free. They don’t demand regular watering or cleaning, saving you time and money.
  6. Ideal for Long-term Storage: Hate the frequent charging? Our batteries have a slow self-discharge rate. While lead acid batteries lose 33% charge monthly, ours drop only 2%.
  7. Smart: These batteries are more than just power units. The built-in battery management system (BMS) in our golf cart lithium battery watches and shields the battery, boosting its safety and life.
  8. Eco-friendly Choice: Choose green with our golf cart lithium batteries. They’re a greener alternative to lead-acid ones since they’re free from harmful metals and are recyclable.

When it comes to lithium golf cart batteries, MANLY has got you covered. Upgrade to our batteries and experience the difference!

Choose MANLY Lithium Golf Cart Batteries for Quality and Trust

Amazing Production:

Every day, we make a lot of golf cart lithium batteries. How many? Our team produces battery cells and packs equaling a huge 6MWh daily. Plus, we put together more than 3,000 batteries every day! We focus on giving you lots of great batteries without giving up on quality.

Top Locations:

Our big battery-making place covers 65,000 square meters. You can find us in popular Chinese cities like Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Huizhou.

Our Modern Factory:

We use cool machines like the automatic laser spot welder for perfect welds. Our equipment checks the batteries to make sure they’re good. We even have a special room that tests our golf cart lithium battery in high heat, up to 100 degrees Celsius. Choose MANLY for the best lithium golf cart batteries!

Safe Shipping with MANLY Lithium Golf Cart Batteries:

Want a safe and certified golf cart lithium battery? MANLY has you covered! Our batteries have important certificates like UN38.3, IEC62133, UL, and CE. Plus, when you get our lithium golf cart batteries, they come with strong 18-8 stainless steel bolts, brass washers, and secure nuts. You can trust MANLY for a safe and top-quality golf cart lithium battery delivery!

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