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Introduction to MANLY Home Energy Storage System

MANLY’s home energy storage system adopts scientific internal structure design, advanced lithium iron phosphate battery production technology, and is equipped with advanced battery management system and energy conversion system, with high specific energy and long life, safe and reliable, and wide operating temperature range. and other characteristics. This energy storage system is an ideal green energy storage power product for wind, photovoltaic energy storage, smart grid and other industries.

The electricity generated by daily photovoltaics is supplied to the household load, and the excess electricity is stored in the energy storage battery. When there is no light, the electricity in the energy storage battery is used for the load.

The matching inverter has the advantages of high conversion efficiency, low power consumption, strong load capacity, etc.; the product is intelligent, and can be set according to the use environment, such as mains priority or inverter priority.

MANLY Home Energy Storage System Features

1. Safe, efficient and easy to operate;

2. The use of safe, high-performance lithium iron phosphate batteries has the characteristics of long service life, small size, light weight, environmental protection and no pollution;

3. The assembly is simple and the operation is convenient, the user only needs to connect the fan, the mains and the load;

4. CPU management, intelligent control, modular composition, user-friendly LCD display; built-in charger, high charging efficiency;

5. The whole machine has low conversion power consumption and high inverter efficiency; expandable backup battery;

6. Strong load capacity, low failure rate, long life and simple maintenance;

7. Perfect protection function: low voltage, high voltage, high temperature, short circuit, overload protection, etc.

Model No.
Battery Type
Output Watt
Communication Interface
LiFePO4 2.5KWh 2.5KW CAN / RS485 / RS232
LiFePO4 5KWh 2.5KW CAN / RS485 / RS232
LiFePO4 7.5KWh 5KW CAN / RS485 / RS232
LiFePO4 10KWh 5KW CAN / RS485 / RS232
LiFePO4 15KWh 10KW CAN / RS485 / RS232
LiFePO4 20KWh 10KW CAN / RS485 / RS232
LiFePO4 30KWh 10KW CAN / RS485 / RS232


  1. Each model in the above table is equipped with a variety of communication interfaces, according to your actual use needs, choose whether to be equipped with one or two types of communication ports (three commonly used: CAN, RS485, RS232)
  2. Inverter: The default brands are GoodWe, Growatt, etc. If you need other brands, please communicate with our salesman before sample production, and provide specific models or parameters

MANLY Home Energy Storage System Application Areas

  • Ordinary household wind power generation and energy storage

  • Small business district

  • Office uninterruptible power supply

  • Energy shortage areas

  • Areas prone to natural disasters

  • Unstable power or isolated off-grid areas

How Does Home Battery Energy Storage System Work?

The electricity generated by photovoltaics is used to provide the load first, and the excess electricity is used to charge the energy storage battery. When the generated power is not enough to support the load, the system will automatically obtain power from the energy storage battery, and if the energy storage battery power is insufficient, the system will switch to the utility power to provide the load.

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