307.2V 100Ah Backup power supply 30kWh UPS Data Center Power System

307.2V 100Ah Data Center Power System

MANLY Battery 307.2V 100Ah data center power supply system, this is an important device that provides stable power supply for the data center. Its voltage is 307.2V and its capacity reaches 100Ah, which means it can provide long-term continuous power supply to the data center to ensure that the data center can still receive emergency power support when the mains power fails or has a power outage.

Product Description:

1. Model               Number: MLP30000U
2. Nominal          Capacity: 30kWh
3. Nominal            Voltage: 307.2V
4. MAX  Charge   Voltage: 350.4V
5. MAX  Charge   Current: 50A
6. Accessories:
A. Standard accessories: 4*7.68kWh home battery body, battery backplane bracket, fixing screws, positive wires, negative wires, communication lines
B. Optional accessories: 1*10kW inverter control integrated machine

10kWh battery designed for home solar energy storage. This 10kWh battery is wall-mounted, 48V, 200Ah. The 10kWh battery uses top-quality MANLY lithium iron phosphate cells. The 10kWh battery is safe, high-performing, with 6000+ deep cycles. Capacities of 5kWh, 7kWh, and 10kWh available.

10kWh powerwall battery has a max discharge of 100A. Integrated BMS in the 10kWh battery provides protection. The 10kWh powerwall battery is modular, small, and easy to install. Laser welding ensures durability in the 10kWh battery.

The BMS of the 10kWh powerwall battery is compatible with many inverters, such as Growatt, Goode, Deye, Luxpower, SRNE. The 10kWh powerwall battery has intelligent air-cooling for quick heat dissipation. Safe, stable operation with the 10kWh powerwall battery. Expandable 10kWh battery: up to 16 packs in parallel. Customizable photovoltaic energy storage systems.

Manly is a reputable 10kWh battery Powerwall factory. Eager to work with you.

10kwh battery - manly

Features and Advantages Of 10KWh Battery:

  1. High security: built-in BMS multiple protection, communication function real-time monitoring data;
  2. Long life: 80% D0D discharge depth battery cycle life ≥ 5,000 times;
  3. Space saving: modular design, small size, and easy installation;
  4. High consistency: low internal resistance ensures good discharge consistency of the battery pack;
  5. Large capacity: the battery pack can support a maximum of 16 parallel use, to meet the needs of large-capacity applications.

10kwh battery - manly

Specification Of 10KWh Battery:

Product number MU10000
Product specifications 51.2V 200AH
Nominal voltage 51.2V
Nominal capacity 200AH
Battery Type LFP/LiFePO4
Standard charging voltage 40V ~ 58.4V
Maximum charging current 100A
Discharge cut-off voltage 40V
Maximum discharge current 200A
Parallel function Support 15 units in parallel
Communication interface RS232/RS485/CAN (Optional)
Cycle life ≥ 5,000 80%DOD
Charging temperature range 0 45
Discharge temperature range 20 75
Color White
Size 643*520*265mm
Weight 90±2kg
Installation method Wall-mounted

10kwh battery - manly

10kwh battery - manly 10kwh battery - manly 10kwh battery - manly 10kwh battery - manly 10kwh battery - manly

10kwh battery - manly

Why choose MANLY:

  1. Environment Commitment: Committed to fighting climate change, MANLY solutions make a positive environmental & cost-reducing impact
  2. Industry Experts: Operating since 2009, serving thousands of clients. MANLY has a wealth of knowledge only experience can bring
  3. Industry Standards: Leading the way. MANLY adheres to the strictest standards, giving the highest quality results and an excellent service
  4. All-in-one Solution: From the initial survey through to project completion, MANLY have the experience, contacts, and experts to manage it all
  5. Adaptable Solutions: Customer-centred, MANLY adapts to client needs and goals always delivering first-class solutions on time and on-budget
  6. Global Partnerships: Strong long-established partnerships with leading best-in-class technology brands, ensure world-class solutions

Packing & Delivery:


1) Carton box -pallet container.

2) Packaging also can be customized to customers’ requirements.


1) Shipping time for news samples is 25-30 working days; mass production is 15~20 working days – since the deposit was received and samples confirmed.

2) Sample order is supposed to be shipped by DHL, UPS, FedEx, or TNT, mass order is suggested to ship by sea, we could supply forwarder service if you need.

How to use this 5kWh home battery:

1. Please follow the specifications set in this paragraph for the method of use
2. Please do not short-circuit the battery. This action may cause damage to the battery
3. If the battery is used under extreme conditions, life may be reduced, such as extreme temperature, deep cycle overcharge or over-discharge
4. Batteries should be stored in a cool and dry place
5. In order to prevent the performance of the battery from deteriorating, if the battery needs to be stored for more than 6 months, the battery should be charged and discharged at least once within 6 months
6. Please ensure good ventilation

Our Services:

OEM & ODM can customize according to your request :
  1. Battery voltage, capacity, and dimension.
  2. BMS charging and discharging current.
  3. Connector, case, and wire.
  4. Your own logo eg: silk print.
After-sales service is available :
  1. Respond in 24 hours to any inquiry on our product.
  2. Take action quickly for a normal customer’s claim within 12 hours.
  3. Good after-sales service: We offer 3 years quality warranty for lifepo4 batteries 12.8V 20Ah/50Ah/100Ah/200Ah/500Ah/1000Ah/…
  4. One by one tested before shipment.


1: Does MANLY a factory or trading company?

R: We are a factory and owned a large factory with 3,000+ workers in total.

2: How about the Shipping Method?

R: All air shipments and sea shipments are workable. In one word, we could do any shipments you want.

3: How about the delivery date?

R: In General, the delivery date will be 15-25 working days for normal buy quantity. But if large quantities, please check with us further.

4: How about the label and the logo?

R: Our label and logo OR no label and logo, also can OEM your logo.

5: How about the MOQ?

R: Lower MOQ limit of 2PCS per style.

5: How many years of warranty?

R: Some modules are 5 years warranty and we will do free replacement for all the problem items. some modules need negotiable. If you have any questions, please contact us.

About the warning:

1. During the use of lithium battery products, please follow the “Product User Manual” and “Product Specifications” and do not use in violation of relevant regulations

2. Lithium batteries should be placed in a dry and cool place. Do not use supplementary electricity for more than 3 months to ensure the life of lithium batteries. During use, pay attention to waterproofing, moisture, anti-static, and away from heat sources, etc.

3. Do not throw lithium batteries into fire or heat Do not throw lithium batteries into water or get them wet

4. It is forbidden to short-circuit the positive and negative poles of lithium batteries or short-circuit through metal

5. It is forbidden to place or transport lithium batteries with other metal objects. It is forbidden to hit or squeeze lithium batteries with heavy objects. It is forbidden to pierce lithium batteries with nails or sharp objects.

6. It is forbidden to charge lithium batteries with unofficial lithium battery chargers

Remark: Our products are customized, so the main data can be changed by customer’s requirements.

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