Protection System

The battery system mainly consists of 16 strings of 36 and A total of 576pcs 26650 3300mAh original A lithium iron phosphate battery core, plus A battery pack composed of CAN intelligent communication protection plate and shell.

Battery Pack Functions

Bainly includes over voltage, under voltage, over current, over temperature, short circuit protection, balanced charging, sleep and other functions.

  • Overcharge protection

    The voltage change of each battery string during battery charging can be detected in real time through the overvoltage protection detection circuit of the battery protection board. When the voltage of any battery string reaches the set value, a signal will be sent out to stop charging MOS-FET, and the charging circuit will be cut off to prevent the battery core from overcharging.

  • Over-discharge protection

    Through the overdischarge protection detection circuit of the battery protection plate, the battery management chip can detect the voltage of the battery discharge state in real time during the discharge process; If the battery voltage is lower than the set limit, the battery management circuit will output a signal to cut off the discharge MOS-FET, so as to realize the purpose of over-discharge protection of the battery.

  • Temperature protection function

    if the circuit detects that the battery temperature is too high, exceeding 65℃(adjustable), the system disconnects the charging and discharging circuit and prohibits charging and discharging of the battery for the purpose of temperature protection.

  • Over-current protection

    When the battery short-circuit or the current passing through the battery protection plate is too high, exceeding the rated overcurrent protection of the circuit by 300A(possibly according to the actual design), the protection IC will send a signal, and the MOS tube will shut off the circuit to protect the battery pack to discharge the safe current.

  • Equalizing charge

    The battery in the use process, because the battery of individual difference, temperature difference causes such as battery terminal voltage imbalance, in order to avoid the deterioration of the unbalanced trend, need to improve the charging voltage of battery pack, to activate the battery charging, in order to achieve balanced characteristic the batteries in the battery pack, extend battery life maintenance methods.

Intelligent Management System Of CAN Communication Protocol

It has a communication interface with the upper computer and a communication cascade interface between the battery pack. BMS can communicate with the host computer through the interface, so that the host computer can monitor various information of the battery, including battery voltage, current, temperature, state, SOC, SOH and battery production information, etc.

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