First, to consider the safety issues
Electric sightseeing car because we all think the operation is easy, so we all casually operate, after all, this car is the steering wheel driving car, there is a steering wheel and speed with the problem, so without professional training also left safety hidden danger. If the electric sightseeing car reaches 4 or more should refer to the manufacturer’s standards to establish a special charging station to ensure charging safety.

Second, to pay attention to energy-saving issues
Through our industry internal measurement, electric sightseeing car running electricity cost between ¥ 0.15 ~ ¥ 0.2.

Third, to pay attention to maintenance costs
In the use of frequent charging units, according to the ideal state of a set of batteries after 1 year of normal use battery capacity to reduce 30%; generally in 1.5 years – 2 years need to update the battery group regular manufacturers price in ¥ 10,000 or so / group, another motor, electric control also exists consumable parts need to be replaced frequently.

Fourth, to adapt to the use of the environment
Use of electric sightseeing car you have to consider the road, slope, driving mileage, business season another battery pack and other issues; because the battery car according to the size of the motor power great climbing degree between 5 degrees -9 degrees, driving mileage 60-90 km (excluding battery decay), if the peak season battery can not keep up (now charging a need 6-8 hours) very much more than a few groups of batteries, which is lower than the cost of a few cars, but the battery pack is not easy to change, usually also to the backup battery pack often maintenance charging.

V. To pay attention to technical issues
So far there is no perfect battery to provide power for the electric car, so the major car manufacturers have not formed a pure electric car mass production. With the perfection of electric vehicle technology, the related electric vehicle drive and control system is constantly improving and rising, which is to consider the possibility of core components to be replaced and rising later.

Six, to consider the after-sales problem
After-sales is timely, there is no don’t repair the product, buy a car to consider both the market repair talent is complete, but also to consider the product parts are common and easy to buy, such as whether you can buy in the local auto parts market, repair outlets exist, only then your cost of use will be low.