Overview of electric wheelchairs

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1. Define

Electric wheelchair is based on the traditional manual wheelchair, superimposed high-performance power drive device, intelligent control device, battery and other components, transformed and upgraded. With artificial control intelligent controller, can drive the wheelchair to complete the forward, backward, steering, standing, lying down, and other functions of the new generation of intelligent wheelchair, is modern precision machinery, intelligent NUMERICAL control, engineering mechanics and other fields of high-tech products.

2. Type
There are many types of wheelchairs on the market. According to the materials, they can be divided into aluminum alloy, light material and steel. For example, according to the type, they can be divided into ordinary wheelchairs and special wheelchairs. Special wheelchairs can be divided into: leisure sports wheelchair series, electronic wheelchair series, seat side wheelchair series, standing wheelchair series, etc.

3. Structure
Electric wheelchairs are generally composed of seats, armrests, bent-leg pedals, wheels, control systems, motors, batteries, and adapters.

4. Working principle
An electric wheelchair is a powered wheelchair that uses a battery as an energy source and is driven by an electronic device. The user can drive the wheelchair by himself through the control device.

5. Features
Driven by lithium battery, it can be recharged repeatedly, small in size, light in weight, energy saving and environmental protection;
Hand push, hand crank, electric driving, free conversion;
Foldable rack, easy to store and transport;
Intelligent control lever, both left and right hand can control;
The wheelchair armrest is also lifted, and the footrest can be adjusted and removed;
Adopt PU solid tires, waterproof and breathable seat backrest, seat belt;
Five speed adjustments, in-situ zero radius 360° turn at will;
Strong climbing ability, anti-backward tail wheel design;
High safety factor, intelligent electromagnetic brake and manual brake.

6. Suitable range
People with disabilities or people with limited mobility who can only live on wheelchairs.