Features of golf carts

Golf carts, also known as electric golf carts and golf carts, are environmentally friendly passenger vehicles designed and developed specifically for golf courses. It can also be used in resorts, villa areas, garden hotels, tourist attractions, etc. The vehicle has excellent performance, novel exterior design, comfortable and safe ride. From golf courses, villas, hotels, schools to private users, it will be your most convenient short-distance transportation.

Features of golf carts:

1. Front axle and rear axle: MacPherson independent front suspension. The suspension can increase the space in the cab and improve the handling stability of the vehicle.
2. Steering system: The height and inclination of the steering wheel are adjustable.
3. Electrical: Instrument monitoring system. Red instrument panel transmission lighting, electronic pulse sensor speedometer, integrated control combination instrument, equipped with multi-function indicators.
4. Comfortable device: Movable top window, with crank handle, can be closed in emergency.