Exploring the Best Toys for Christmas 2023

The holiday season has arrived once again, which means toymakers and retailers are gearing up for the annual race to create and sell the next generation of smash hit toys. 2023 promises to be a monumental year for the toy industry, with several major trends pointing to the most in-demand playthings that will fly off shelves come Christmas morning.

Kids worldwide already have their wish lists prepared and parents are scanning headlines for this year’s definitive list of bestselling toys. It’s safe to say the most innovative, stimulating and outright fun toys stand the best chance of becoming part of families’ holiday traditions for years to come. Continue to read and figure out the best Merry Christmas gift for 2023.

What Toys Will Be Bestsellers for Christmas 2023?

Christmas 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting one for kids as several toy trends converge to create a flock of must-have playthings. According to toy industry experts, major categories expected to dominate wish lists this year include outdoor ride-on toys, STEM learning toys, interactive tech toys, and new twists on classic favorites.

Electric ridables lead the charge when it comes to outdoor play. Market research firm NPD predicts continued strong sales growth for electric scooters and electric bikes, ideal for ages 5 to 15. Stand-on e-scooters from brands like Razor feature speeds up to 10 mph, rear brakes and lightweight frames supporting over 120 pounds. Hoverboards also maintain their recent resurgence thanks to celebrity and TikTok hype. These self-balancing motorized boards allow kids to zip around while honing coordination and balance.

The STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) toy category will enjoy another robust year as parents seek out educational gifts. Toys teaching coding skills, like the BOTZEES programmable robot creatures for ages 5+, enable kids to direct move sequences via an intuitive app. Augmented reality also adds a magic dimension to traditional toys. And National Geographic chemistry sets featuring crystal growing labs cultivate scientific curiosity for ages 8+.

Interactive tech toys fuse education and entertainment for next-level play. For example, the AI powered screens engage 5+ year olds with read-along stories, learning challenges, music and more – no internet required. Sphero’s RVR programmable robot rover can be coded using visual block programming to overcome backyard obstacles.

Finally, beloved classics are undergoing modern upgrades to appeal to tech-savvy youngsters. Version 2.0 of the Tamagotchi digital pet line from Bandai allows kids to hatch and nurture their virtual pets while unlocking mini games and customization options. LEGO augmented reality kits like Monkie Kid’s Cloud Roadster immerse builders in an interactive 3D realm blending digital and physical.

Best Merry Christmas Gift 2023

Now you have a basic idea about the Christmas gifts that you can get for kids this year. With that in mind, let’s quickly explore some of the most popular Christmas gifts available. Based on this list, you can pick the right Merry Christmas gift.

1. Electric Scooters

Electric scooters represent one of the most popular ride-on toy trends in recent memory. Propelling kids forward without pushing effort, battery-powered electric scooters ranging from kick scooters to stand-on e-scooters promise efficient and thrilling mobility for ages 5 to 15. Scooters let kids feel the wind breeze by as they zip around neighborhoods or parks at speeds typically ranging from 5 to 15 mph depending on the model capabilities and rider’s age/skill level. Most feature intuitive throttle controls and hand brakes for speed management.

Beyond fun, scooters help develop balance and coordination skills critical for growth. Gliding, weaving, turning and stopping engages muscles and inner ear equilibrium senses key for physical development. Safety does remain paramount so helmet use and adult supervision is a must. But under proper conditions, scooters grant kids independence in an exciting new way. From first short rides gaining confidence to racing friends around the block, electric scooters deliver efficient kid-powered transportation with battery-boosted freedom!

The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter is one of the best valued electric scooters, offering up to 18.6 miles of range and a maximum speed of 15.5mph for around $300-500. It’s available on Amazon and Xiaomi’s website. For a more premium scooter, consider the Ninebot Max G30LP with a range up to 40 miles, top speed of 18mph, and self-healing tires for $800 online at Amazon, Best Buy and Segway’s website.

Electric scooter - manly

2. Electric Balance Boards

Electric balance boards, also called hoverboards, use self-balancing technology to make users feel like they’re magically floating or hovering! Kids as young as 6 love the awesome futuristic vibes. Riders sync gentle body movements leaning forward, back and side-to-side with gyroscopic motors and sensors to smoothly cruise hands-free. Initially challenging to get the hang of, mastering a balance board brings huge satisfaction along with core and leg fitness benefits from actively balancing for extended stretches.

While thrill-seeking riders attempt jumps and tricks, balance boards can provide mellow laid-back fun just cruising parks or neighborhoods, too. Safe helmet use is still essential. With practice, floaty hover rides go from wobbly to wow-worthy!

The One-wheel Pint is a top-rated electric skateboard offering excellent maneuverability in a small package for $950 direct from FutureMotion’s site. For a hoverboard style balance board, the Swagtron T6 has 10-inch tires to handle multiple terrains along with a maximum speed of 12mph for approximately $300 on Amazon. If you are searching for a Merry Christmas gift, you should go through the list of balance boards available.

Electric balance boards - manly

3. Electric Off-Road Vehicles

Motorized electric ride-on all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility task vehicles (UTVs) deliver thrilling off-road action for junior driving enthusiasts. Built rugged to handle off-road terrain, electric ATVs for kids boast fat tires, durable frames and suspension systems engineered like adult models…just pint-sized! Drivers as young as 3 years old experience the exciting sensations of overcoming muddy trails, grassy hills and rocky paths without need for pedal pushing.

Most electric kid ATVs travel under 7mph maximally but still provide an awesome taste of grown-up capable machines. While safety remains paramount with gear like helmets required, responsible youth ATV usage under parental supervision grants kids confidence controlling a motorized vehicle and navigating exciting natural challenges.

Volcon makes capable all-terrain electric motorcycles like the Grunt which starts at $5,000. It has fat tires, dual disk brakes and a range exceeding 100 miles. The Grunt is available direct through Volcon’s website with shipping to the continental US.

Electric off-road vehicles - manly

4. Large Remote-Control Airplanes

Zooming sleek dynamic remote control (RC) airplanes sky-high at seriously impressive scale delivers aviation awesomeness for experienced RC hobbyists. State-of-the-art large RC planes featuring 5+ foot wingspans mimic the performance abilities of real stunt planes or jets. Using advanced aerodynamic constructing maximizing durability and flight efficiencies, today’s high-end RC planes executed unbelievable loops, turns, dives and more.

Highly customizable right down to the pilot action figure in the cockpit, giant-scale RC planes represent ultimate aircraft models upgrading traditional entry-level options to fully functional flying sculptures. However, expert adult operation is an absolute must give intensely swift speeds and complexity factors. For secondary school aged kids and beyond under close parental guidance, high-performance RC planes create unmatched airborne adventures and skills development.

For RC planes, TopRC makes detailed scale models including the P-51D Mustang with a 63-inch wingspan that runs $679 on Amazon. It’s an excellent choice for intermediate to expert RC pilots looking for a warbird replica. TopRC products are carried by many online specialty retailers catering to aviation hobbyists.

Large remote-control airplanes - manly

5. Large Remote-Control Boats

Slicing through waves at scale speeds exceeding 50MPH, today’s professional-grade large remote-control boats deliver intense aquatic thrills. Massive yet meticulously balanced hulls powered by gas or electric allow advanced RC enthusiasts tear up open water with true-to-form powerboat handling. Customizable cosmetics from colorful graphics to scale driver figures offer owners creative personalization options. Required maintenance varies greatly though depending on fuel/engine type chosen.

While commissioning expert assistance is highly advised, under stringent safety protocols pro RC boats enable older teens and adults alike experience spine-tingling speedboat & ocean liner simulations within relatively shallow ponds and protected waters rather than vast unpredictable open seas. Peak RC boating adventures await those daring enough to captain these beasts! But intense caution always remains vital.

Pro Boat specializes in high performance RC boats like the Miss Geico catamaran, offered in 36- and 30-inch racing hulls for $350-$530 through the Pro Boat website or retailers like Horizon Hobby that carry the full Pro Boat lineup.

Large remote-control boats - manly

6. Electric Roller Skates

Futuristic electric roller skates literally transport kids’ feet into the future using self-balancing hover technology for otherworldly rolling capabilities. Electric hover shoes/skates leverage gyroscopic motors and inertia sensors to allow feet to seamlessly glide 1-3 inches off the ground without wheels making direct contact.

Riders gently tilt their feet to control smooth skate-like propulsion. Initially wobbly for newcomers, electric hover skates deliver space-age vibes once riders get the floating hang of it! Younger kids love cautiously rolling while tweens and teens strive to set local “hover distance” records among friends. Safety gear helps prevent scrapes and spills as riders float down sidewalks or park paths wearing high-tech light-up sneakers from the year 3013!

Boosted has set the standard for high-end electric skates like the Stealth and Mini models starting at $750 on their website. For a more affordable option, the Swagtron Spark bikes feature electric assist up to 12mph and cost just $130 at Walmart, Amazon and Swagtron’s online store.

Electric roller skates - manly

7. Electric Remote-Control Helicopters

Chopper craft aerial acrobatics await enthusiasts wielding pro-level electric RC helicopters! High-torque powerplant motors spool up variable-pitch rotors for remarkably responsive in-flight capabilities making easy work of complex helicopter maneuvering. Cutting-edge gyros provide stabilization options letting beginners progress skills gradually via multiple smart flying modes.

From graceful hovering to intense forward flight simulations at scale speeds, feature-rich programmable electric RC helicopters represent the ultimate aspirational upgrade. However, given their intense mechanical complexity and potential risks if crashes occur, expert parental guidance is an absolute must for controllers under age 16. But within safe parameters, next-gen RC choppers will wow future aviators through every stage of earning their (toy) rotary wings!

Blade remains an industry leader manufacturing RC helicopter in a range of experience levels out of Horizon Hobby. The Blade 230 S is great for intermediate pilots with fly barless stability and support for 3D capability at $400 from Horizon Hobby and Amazon among other major retailers. It would be a perfect Merry Christmas gift for 2023.

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How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Electronic Devices

Electronic toys have become more and more popular and advanced in recent years, with features like touch screens, internet connectivity, cameras, and more. However, all those cool features can drain the batteries quickly.

With how expensive some electronic toys are, you’ll want them to last as long as possible before having to replace or recharge the batteries. Whether you have remote control cars, tablet devices, robots, or interactive plush dolls, you can follow some simple tips to maximize your battery usage and help your kids’ toys last longer between charges.

1. Limit Screen Time and Features

For electronic toys with screens (tablets, etc.), one easy way to extend battery life is to limit screen-on time. Set a timer so your child knows they only have a certain amount of time for tablet play, gaming devices or other screen activities. Not only can this limit help the battery, but it’s also healthy for kids to take regular breaks from staring at screens.

When the device isn’t in use, make sure the screen automatically locks after a short amount of time. A 30-second lock time-out is good. This way the screen isn’t continually drawing battery power when the toy is inactive. You can also manually lock screen-based toys when not in use.

In addition to limiting screen-on time, consider disabling some features you may not need. For example, if the toys connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, these connections constantly search for networks and devices, using battery life even when not actively in use. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not needed to preserve battery life. Location services, like GPS, can also drain batteries quickly, so disable GPS if you don’t require it.

Cameras on electronic toys also zap a lot of power, especially video recording. Limit camera usage and disable auto-focus features for maximum battery efficiency.

2. Turn Down the Volume

Toys that talk, make music and produce sound effects can run the batteries down rapidly, especially at high volume levels. Consider turning the volume down a notch or two – this small change can make a difference in battery stamina over time. Also, if the toys have options to mute the unit or pause sounds when not needed, take advantage of those settings. Kids may still enjoy playing with the toys even without constant noisemaking.

3. Use Rechargeable Batteries

Many electronic toys allow you to use standard disposable batteries or rechargeable battery packs. While disposables seem convenient, they are expensive over time and contribute to waste in landfills. Invest in a few sets of rechargeable batteries with a compatible charger. The initial investment pays off in the long run.

When shopping for rechargeables, check the mAh (milliamp-hour) rating to evaluate capacity and battery life. The higher the number, the longer the batteries will last on a charge. Good brands like Eneloop offer rechargeable AA and AAA batteries well-suited for toys, with capacities of 1900-2400 mAh range.

Recharge discharged batteries as soon as possible to maximize their lifespan. Most rechargeables can handle 500 charges, effectively paying for themselves over time. Just be sure to buy rechargeable batteries made specifically for toys – regular rechargeable batteries may be overpowered and damage electronic toys. Consult manufacturer guidelines on compatible battery options before purchasing.

4. Proper Storage

How you store electronic toys while not in play can impact battery efficiency too. Avoid extreme hot or cold environments, which degrade batteries faster. The ideal storage temperature range is 50°F to 70°F. Storing toys in the living room, bedroom or playroom should provide suitable conditions.

If storing for extended periods, remove batteries altogether or ensure an isolating layer exists between batteries and point of contact. Batteries can lose some charge just sitting idle over time, so separating them from toy components saves unnecessary drainage when not used often.

For toys activated by movement (like remote control vehicles), ensure switches remain in the “off” position during storage to prevent battery discharge. It’s also smart to store electronic toys in a box or bin rather than just loosely on a shelf. This protects components from accidental damage which could impact battery performance later.

5. Stay Organized

When you have multiple electronic gadgets and toys using batteries in the home, things can get disorganized quickly. Misplaced batteries, mystery chargers and mixed-up devices are common. Setting up an electronics station for charging and a battery storage box can help instill order.

Use labels or tape to mark which charger pairs with each device. Have a set location where chargers live when not in use. Invest in a battery organizer case with clearly marked compartments for easy identification of AA, AAA, C, D and 9-volt batteries.

Keeping electronics and batteries neatly organized makes household management easier and helps toys stay powered up for playtime fun. Know exactly which batteries go with which devices and when it’s time to swap them out. An orderly system helps maximize usage from each charge.

6. Perform Regular Maintenance

Even with careful power management, electronic toy batteries lose capacity over time. Set reminders to do maintenance tasks that keep them running efficiently.

For screen-based toys, reboot the device every couple week by powering off completely before restarting. This clears cache and allows apps to reset. Always install the latest software and app updates too, as newer versions are often optimized for better performance and battery efficiency.

Inspect battery compartments regularly for corrosion build-up. Clean contacts with rubbing alcohol every few months to ensure a good connection. Check that contacts are aligning properly with battery terminals when inserted. Damaged compartments can prevent proper battery usage.

If rechargeable batteries feel like they lose power more quickly than they used to, the total lifespan may have decreased after hundreds of charges. Replace them with a fresh set of high-capacity rechargeable batteries.

While following these tips requires some diligence, a little bit of battery maintenance goes a long way. Establishing device usage rules, utilizing battery-conserving features, switching to rechargeables and keeping toys properly maintained leads to longer battery life. That means more playtime for kids to enjoy their awesome electronic gadgets!

Upgrade Your Electronic Devices with MANLY Battery Replacements

As parents well know, few phrases provoke louder childhood dismay than a battery-powered toy sputtering its last. But before consigning that cherished robotic companion or LED-enhanced playset to the discard pile, consider this – replacing fading batteries with fresh high-performance cells from MANLY can restore beloved toys to their full entertainment glory!

As kids’ toys have grown more technologically advanced, their dependency on lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable batteries has intensified as well. And like all rechargeables, even quality toy cells lose capacity over time – 300 to 500 lifetime usage cycles are typical. Once declining performance crosses the thresholds of fun, MANLY’s purpose-engineered toy batteries promise drastically extended plaything viability through performance-restoring cell transplantation surgery!

Among MANLY Battery’s 1000+ replacement offerings, parents can discover cells specifically tailored for restoring top toy brands to their prime:

  • Robot Toys – From programmable LEGO MINDSTORMS bots to cute interactive Furreal Pets, MANLY replacement batteries rated for 500+ reuse cycles maintain toys’ mobility, sensory functions and coding capabilities optimally.
  • Kids’ Tablets – VTech, LeapFrog, Amazon Fire and other kid tablets demanding constant recharging get a longevity infusion with MANLY 2500mAh+ high-stability replacements.
  • Smart Toys – App-connected toys like Anki OverDrive, Sphero RVR and more stay fully responsive thanks to MANLY cells boasting 70%+ restored charge capacity compared to worn-down originals.
  • RC Vehicles – MANLY replacement battery packs fitted for Traxxas, Redcat, ECX and other battery-powered RC cars, boats drones deliver 20-40% longer remote adventure runtimes between recharges.
  • Electronic Learning Toys – MANLY replacement batteries keep LeapStart learners leaping ahead, Osmo minds mesmerized and other STEM skill-builders buzzing for extended educational excitement per single charge.

Of course, MANLY toy batteries prove perfect replacements for classic rechargeable kids’ playthings as well – from toddler-grade Fisher Price chatterboxes to vintage electronic keyboard toys for budding maestros. With cells specifically engineered to handle tots through teens, MANLY can inject new life into toys both established or freshly unwrapped.

Parents will also appreciate how affordably priced MANLY replacement toy batteries cost compared to sourcing comparable replacements through toymakers themselves. And taking just minutes to install for most toys, even technophobes can handle a bit of simple battery transplant surgery!

Why send once-beloved toys to a premature grave when MANLY’s rejuvenating replacement batteries promise economical, eco-friendly and exponentially extended playtime possibilities? Every smiles-per-charge makes future landfill escapes completely worthwhile! Browse MANLY’s unparalleled toy battery catalogue and discover the right replacement to recharge the fun today.

Final Words

While keeping the facts we shared in mind, you can proceed to buy the best Merry Christmas gift this year. Make sure that you don’t throw away any of the toys that your kid owns. Upgrade them with MANLY battery replacements and you will be able to keep on using them for many years.