Energy Storage Battery

Customized Home & Industrial Energy Storage Battery

At Manly Battery, we specialize in offering wholesale Energy Storage Battery that can be customized to your exact specifications. Our batteries come with adjustable options for voltage, capacity, current, size, and appearance, ensuring they meet your specific requirements. Our batteries are designed to be long-lasting, lightweight, and durable.

Our product is a drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries and features plug-and-play functionality, making it easy to install. It is suitable for all industries where lead-acid batteries are used and supports both series and parallel application expansion, making it a versatile choice for your energy storage needs.

A lifespan of more than 8000 cycles characterizes each product, highlighting its extensive longevity. Not only that, but it also guarantees short circuit protection. Furthermore, it offers overcharge protection. Another key attribute is the provision of over-discharge protection. Additionally, each product incorporates a balanced circuit. It is worth emphasizing that multiple series can be connected in parallel. Each product encompasses functions like overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and more such functionalities.

51.2V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery For All-In-One Energy Storage System

All-In-One Energy Storage System

Highly efficient and powerful home energy storage for superior bulk energy usage
Telecom Battery: 48V 50Ah LiFePO4 Battery | 48V 50Ah Lithium Ion Battery

48V 50Ah Telecom Battery

Manly's 48V lithium-ion battery is IP67 waterproof, ideal for bulk purchase and rugged uses.
12V 80Ah lifepo4 solar light battery

12V 80Ah solar light Battery

Manly's solar battery is your dependable bulk power solution, featuring fast delivery and sample service
50Ah Lithium Battery - 12V 50Ah Lithium Ion Battery - Manly

12V 50Ah Solar light Battery

Experience the bulk power of Manly's 12V Solar Battery, designed with overvoltage and overcurrent protection
Battery 12V 7Ah - High Quality 7Ah Lithium Battery

12V 7Ah Solar Light Battery

Trust Manly's 12V LiFePO4 Solar Battery for durable, safe, and efficient bulk energy solutions
5kWh Battery uses 48V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cells For Wall Mounted Energy Storage

5kWh Battery For Home Energy Storage

Optimize energy output with a reliable and secure home energy storage
7.5KWH Lithium Battery | wall mounted battery

7.5KWH Wall Mounted Lithium Battery

Unlock the secure energy potential of a customizable bulk home energy storage
10KWh Battery | 10KWh power Battery

10kWh Powerwall Battery For Home Energy

Leverage the massive power of our storage battery with a 10-year warranty
All-in-one power supply for home energy storage

All-in-one Home Energy Storage Power Supply

Experience high-capacity production and round-the-clock customer support when you buy our home energy storage in bulk
10kWh Battery for home energy storage

10kWh Home Energy Storage Battery

Trust and reliability guaranteed with multiple certifications like UN38.3 and IEC62133 for our bulk energy storage batteries.
15kwh battery for home energy storage

15KWH Home Energy Storage Solution

Our home energy storage delivers robust output, perfect for your wholesale energy solution
20kww Battery - Stacked Home Energe Storage Battery

20KWh Stacked Home Energy Storage Battery

Ensure safety and efficiency with built-in over-discharge protection in our wholesale energy storage batteries

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