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60V 65Ah Industrial Backup Power Supply

We offer a custom-made 60V 65Ah Battery for Industrial backup power supply. It’s suitable for marine equipment, CATV, military equipment, emergency lighting, data centers, electric wheelchairs, golf carts, forklifts, and railroad systems. Our Industrial backup power battery comes with a minimum 3-year warranty and is also cost-effective.

  • 1)Lithium battery pack model design requirements:

    LFP-26700-19S 13P-60V 50Ah.

  • 2) Input and output characteristics:

    The input and output adopt different ports, and the input/output automatic switching function is adopted.
    1. Input characteristics: Use a 68V charger to charge the battery.
    2. Output characteristics: The battery outputs a voltage of 54v to supply power to the host to meet the normal use of the host.

  • 3)Electricity metering:

    Through the electricity metering IC, the current and accurate battery power can be read in real time.

  • 4) Basic characteristics of the protection board

    1. Single cell overcharge protection voltage: 3.65±0.05V
    2. Single cell overcharge recovery voltage: 3.6±0.05V
    3. Single cell over-discharge protection voltage: 2.5±0.10V
    4. Single cell over-discharge recovery voltage: 2.80±0.10V
    5. Continuous discharge current: 30A
    6. Combined battery overcurrent protection value (22ms): 100A
    7. Combined battery charging over-temperature protection value
    (recoverable): 65±5℃
    8. Combined battery discharge over-temperature protection value
    (recoverable): 75±5℃
    9. The finished battery also has short-circuit protection.

  • 5) Design requirements for battery cycle life:

    2000 times (national standard charge and discharge standards)

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