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Introduction of 10kWh LiFePO4 Battery – Residential Energy Storage System Solution

In response to customer requirements for power drive of special equipment, our company chooses a high-rate lithium iron phosphate battery design to replace the early power system of special equipment that uses nickel-cadmium/nickel-metal hydride batteries. The power system of lithium battery special equipment is reduced The volume of special equipment reduces the overall weight of the equipment. Due to the high-rate charge and discharge performance of lithium batteries, special equipment has stronger climbing ability and excellent explosiveness. The battery management system uses imported chips and MOS tubes, and has the ability to communicate with host data in real time, allowing the operator to grasp the battery usage status in real time.

Product Features: Energy Saving, Environmental Protection, High Efficiency, New Type

●The integrated residential energy storage system
●Pure sine wave inverter
●Built-in MPPT solar charge controller
●Built-in 48V150Ah LiFePO4 battery pack
●The input voltage range of home appliances and personal computers can be selected
●The charging current can be selected according to the application
●Configurable AC/Solar input priority through LCD settings
●Compatible with mains or generator power
●Auto-restart when AC recovers
●Overload and short circuit protection
●Intelligent battery charger design to optimize battery performance
●Cold start function
●Complete protection functions such as input overvoltage, under-voltage, output overvoltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, overload, and short circuit
●High efficiency, low noise, environmental protection, and energy saving
●Automatic switching can realize unattended
●Stable performance, safe and reliable, long service life
●With USB communication interface or remote communication function and mobile phone SMS function
●Set 01 through the panel: mains priority; 02: energy-saving mode

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Product Parameters

  • 1) Protection board (PCM):

    A protection circuit designed for lithium iron phosphate battery packs. Due to the chemical characteristics of the lithium battery itself, the design not only has conventional overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit and overtemperature protection, but also provides battery power detection and overall battery balancing functions.

  • 2) Protection circuit:

    Imported IC and MOS tubes are used to perform online real-time monitoring of overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit and other functions of the cell. Make the battery core work in a safe, stable and efficient range.

  • 3) Overcurrent fuse:

    Mainly designed for the protection failure of the battery management system of the lithium battery itself. Because the battery uses large-capacity, high-power cells, although the battery management system has over-current and short-circuit protection, if an abnormality occurs, the protection function will fail. In the case of output short-circuit, a very large current will be generated, leading to danger Therefore, an over-current fuse is added to the scheme. When an abnormal short-circuit occurs, the fuse opens the circuit and cannot be restored to achieve the purpose of abnormal protection.

  • 4) Battery:

    LARGE26650/3.2V/2500mAh lithium iron phosphate battery is used, the maximum charging rate of the battery can reach 5C, and the maximum discharge rate can reach 15C.

  • 5) The normal working current of the whole battery

    The normal working current of the whole battery is 35A, the maximum working current can reach 60A, and the instant starting current can reach 100A.

  • 6) Battery pack:

    The internal dynamic balance mode can effectively compensate for the capacity reduction caused by the difference of the single cells during the battery use, and maximize the battery life.

  • 7) PCM/BMS:

    With SMB US communication function, the host can read the voltage, capacity, remaining capacity, temperature and other information of the battery in real time through the communication interface.

  • 8) Safe use of the battery:

    The battery pack is isolated and fixed by a plastic bracket, which is more conducive to the heat dissipation and safe use of the battery.

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