Choosing The Right Battery for Electric Scooter

Making the right choice of battery for your zippy new electric scooter can be challenging. Your desired result would be a battery that lets you travel farther but doesn’t compromise portability. Doing all these while keeping your budget in mind can be difficult.

Many electric scooters have some lithium battery installed, but you may find lead-acid batteries in older or cheaper ones. Each type of battery has its advantages and drawbacks, which you must navigate on your journey.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the different types of batteries with their advantages and disadvantages. You’ll learn some sure ways to increase your battery life and quick maintenance tips for your purchase. Let’s get to it.

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What Types of Batteries Can You Get For Your Electric Scooter?

One important thing to note is that all electric scooter batteries aren’t made the same way. Different types of batteries have their pros and cons. Your unique situation and requirements determine which is a better fit for you.

1. Lithium-Ion Batteries

This is the most recently developed type of battery. It is also the most common because the benefits of this technology have made it a great option for electric scooters.

These batteries work by ionizing Lithium, a highly reactive element, and causing it to give off electrons and acquire a charge. This charge is then used to power up electric scooters.

Lithium-ion batteries have their advantages. One of which is their impressive energy density. These batteries store more units of energy per unit weight than any of the other types. That allows them to be lighter while remaining capable of holding great power, making them an excellent fit for electric scooters. They also have longer lifespans than all the other types and require less maintenance.

While the advantages are significant, one major con is the cost of this kind of battery. Lithium batteries are more expensive than the other options available, so you’d better keep that in mind when choosing.

2. Lead-acid Batteries

This is one of the oldest types of batteries on the market. You’ll only find them as car batteries and in some of the cheapest electric scooters.

These batteries work through a mechanism where lead sheets are placed in sulphuric acid, causing a chemical reaction that releases electrons that flow out to power the scooter. It is a simple setup that has been refined for decades to work efficiently.

The vital advantage of these batteries is their affordability. These are cheap, giving you higher capacities for much less money. They’re also relatively easy to recharge and provide a high energy output, so if bursts of high energy are your thing, this could be for you.

The major con of these batteries is their weight. Many companies have abandoned these energy sources because they are too big and heavy for their scooters. They also require high maintenance and are prone to over-discharging.

3. Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries

These sit in the middle of the earlier two. Nickel metal hydride batteries are lighter than lead-acid batteries and can take you further with a single charge. These make them better for your electric scooter.

However, Lithium battery setups are more popular because of the shortcomings of Nickel Metal hydride technology. While they’re lighter than lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are lighter. They also have a short battery life and can discharge even when unused.

Battery Capacity

Beyond the type of battery you pick, an essential factor to consider is the battery capacity or size. This is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh); the higher the number, the bigger the size.

A higher battery capacity implies that you’ll go further on each charge. However, higher sizes usually mean larger and heavier batteries, which affect the performance of electric scooters. You’ll have to choose between weight and capacity sooner or later. Your electric scooter usage can determine which side you’ll lean towards.

If you drive your scooter for long distances or on hilly terrain, a higher capacity would be great for you. But if you need your scooter to be portable or achieve higher speeds, you would be better off with a lower-capacity battery.

Which Battery Is Best for An Electric Scooter?

There isn’t a single criterion to judge the best battery for an electric scooter. However, considering a few factors, we can narrow it down for you.

  • Battery Type: The best battery type for electric scooters is the lithium battery due to its portability and high energy density. That would give you higher speed and longer runtimes than the others.
  • Battery Capacity: Lithium battery packs are made of multiple individual cells. These can come in 18650 or 21700 sizes. The 21700 is larger and, as such, carries more power, making it the better choice.
  • Battery Management System: The best battery packs for electric scooters come with these systems. They monitor the individual cells in the setup, ensuring that none overheats, overcharges, or deep discharges. This functionality is essential for the longevity of your Lithium battery.
  • Charging Speed: A Lithium battery with high charging speeds would favor quick top-ups when it runs out. That would significantly enhance your experience with the battery and your scooter.
  • Battery Brand: Choosing brand name batteries over the generics is always best. That is because the production quality is always higher for a brand that has a reputation to uphold. You can count on MANLY, LG, and Samsung batteries to perform satisfactorily.


Top Battery Brands for Electric Scooters

Brand-name batteries are usually costlier than nameless ones, but the premium price begets premium quality. These products from the top brands undergo strict quality control, ensuring they are sufficient for your needs.

By top brands, we mean a manufacturer like MANLY. With about 13 years of experience, this company prioritizes individual needs, producing various products that cater to different demographics. These products are all cost-effective without compromising on quality.

These brands have many battery packs for your different needs. However, we’ll select one balanced unit from each brand that would work for almost every setup.

MANLY 36V 20Ah Lithium Battery

This offering from MANLY has a 36V voltage, which is perfect for a wide range of electric scooters. However, the 20Ah capacity is where MANLY shines.

In this 36V range, other manufacturers hover around the 10-13Ah marks, but MANLY takes it further with its 20Ah battery. With this monster capacity and lithium-ion technology keeping it light, MANLY’s product is perfect for almost any need.

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LG also offers a 36V power battery. However, its product only comes with a 10.4Ah capacity. Despite that, you can rely on it to work properly. You only have to remember that you would make frequent top-ups when using it.


Samsung’s 36V battery has an 11.6Ah capacity that would last longer than the LG, but not as much as the MANLY. It is an excellent battery for many electric scooters, but its price tag may push it beyond some budgets.

Three Steps to Increase Your Battery Life

While batteries from top brands are designed to last, some terrible practices can cause the battery to fail before its time. Likewise, some good practices can ensure that your scooter battery serves you well and for longer.

  1. Avoid overcharging: Overcharging degrades Lithium batteries faster. And while battery management systems are there to prevent that, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Unplug your electric scooter once it has charged completely. Some experts even recommend only charging up to 80%.
  2. Use your scooter’s recommended charger: Some people purchase higher-capacity chargers to recharge their batteries faster. These charging speeds can deteriorate your battery rapidly, reducing its lifespan.
  3. Store your electric scooter properly: Your method of storing a scooter when not in use is vital to the battery’s longevity. There are two things to keep in mind before placing your scooter in storage.

The first is the charge level. While you shouldn’t overcharge, undercharging is still an issue. Always store with a 40% and above charge, especially when you might not use the scooter for a while.

The second is the temperature of the storage area. Batteries are not compatible with extreme temperatures. A storage area of around 59°f (15°c) is ideal for your Lithium battery.

Five Battery Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Adequate maintenance is necessary to keep your chosen lithium battery in the best condition. Here are a few steps to follow to elongate your battery’s lifespan.

  1. Inspect your battery regularly.
  2. Monitor your charging practices.
  3. Store properly.
  4. Clean regularly with a dry cloth.
  5. Handle the battery with care to avoid dropping it.


Your battery choice for your electric scooter has a massive impact on your experience with the device. That is why a lot of thought should go into the selection process.

By choosing a top-quality offering like MANLY’s 36v 20Ah Lithium Battery, you can enjoy your scooter as you want it. This battery will tackle your needs perfectly while ensuring your safety.

You can enhance your scooter experience with MANLY’s 36v 20Ah Lithium battery. Get yours today.