Classification of technical principles of beauty equipment

- manly

1. Current, electric pulse mode:
Using micro-current pulse modulation technology, it acts on human skin, meridians and acupuncture points to achieve the purpose of firming, wrinkle removal and beauty. These devices include medium and low frequency therapeutic instruments and meridian instruments in the rehabilitation medical industry, as well as HPT health preservation instruments, acid discharge instruments, and 3D/5D carving instruments, which are popular this year.

2. Micro vibration method:
Using mechanical vibration and voltage stimulation, the human skin tightens, increases its own elasticity, and enhances the metabolism of skin cells, such as the vibration massage head of the Oxygen Bubble.

3. Lighting method:
Using the different mechanisms of action of various colors of light on skin tissue, it can improve the condition of human skin, calm and reduce inflammation, and eliminate redness and swelling. Typical representatives are photorejuvenation instruments, spectrometers, etc. There is also a type of skin detector, which uses a specific spectral illumination imaging method for detection and analysis, mainly referring to the smart mirror series of instruments.

4. Ways to raise body temperature:
Using the principle of heat radiation or heat conduction, the body temperature is raised and the metabolism of the body is accelerated. Representative equipment wax dissolving machine, red light irradiator, moxibustion instrument, etc.

5. Laser Beauty:
Based on the principle of selective absorption of light and the principle of photothermolysis, it destroys hair follicles and smashes pigments. It is mainly used in hair removal, eyebrow washing, tattoo removal, spot removal, pigment lightening, mole removal, elimination of cover, sheath, wart, etc. But with the continuous advancement of technology, there are strong pulsed light represented by IPL\E light, the typical equipment is OPT hair removal, and semiconductor hair removal with a specific wavelength of 808nm; 980nm wavelength, to remove red blood; there is also continuous reduction of pulse width and increased energy. The new Q-switched lasers, especially the picoseconds and super-picoseconds that have appeared in recent years, use the photoshock effect to reduce the skin damage caused by the photothermal effect and greatly improve the effect of laser treatment.

6. Ultrasonic method:
Using the characteristics of high-frequency vibration of ultrasonic waves, it acts on the human skin, causing the skin to produce high-energy movement to achieve the effect of shrinking the skin. Now it is mainly used to assist the introduction of products and speed up the absorption, so it is almost standard for all kinds of skin management equipment.

7. Electron and ion introduction:
By using the physical penetration and introduction of electronic current, the related beauty products and drugs are introduced into the skin to achieve the effect of beauty. For example, the ion bar and ion clip of the Korean comprehensive skin management instrument can not only help to export blackheads, but also accelerate the introduction and absorption of essence.

8. Radio frequency effect:
Using high-frequency shock waves to act on the surface of the skin, the skin shrinks to achieve the effect of wrinkle removal and skin tightening. Radio frequency is widely used, and different instruments emit radio frequency of different frequencies. For example, the 40.68MHZ thermal lift is mainly for lifting and tightening, and the 5M micro-motion radio frequency is mainly for product introduction and promotion of absorption.

9. Water bath therapy:
Use the water flow, water temperature, and the affinity between water and people to achieve the purpose of whole body beauty. This type of equipment is more healthy and popular in winter. There are fumigation cabins, drifting cabins, etc., most of which will be combined with fumigation.

10. Pure oxygen injection:
Special equipment is used to add oxygen to a certain pressure, which acts on human skin tissue and increases the oxygen intake of cells and tissues. There are both specialized oxygen injectors on the market, as well as oxygen lances integrated in small air bubbles.

11. High-speed penetration:
Similar to the above oxygen jet, but this type of instrument purifies and pressurizes the liquid product to form a high-speed gaseous state, breaks the skin surface barrier, and directly enters the skin, which is more conducive to absorption. Mainly refers to non-invasive water light and so on.