Find Reliable Battery Suppliers for Handheld Spotlights

For many of us, as the air turns colder, the days grow shorter, and the nights begin closing in, the need for efficient lighting has never been greater.

During the darker months of the year, we of course rely on various light sources for a whole host of different reasons. For times when a regular household torch just isn’t going to cut it however, you’ll want something a little, or a lot, brighter. This is where LED handheld spotlights prove so useful.

Whether you need it for use in the back yard, for hunting, fishing, camping, or any other outdoor recreational activity, a handheld spotlight will make life so much easier. In order to power the spotlights however, you need to find a reliable battery supplier, and invest in quality batteries, such as rechargeable lithium batteries.

Finding reliable battery suppliers, and indeed, reliable 12 volt recharge battery, or any other form of battery to power your handheld spotlight is not easy, but with these tips, it should prove to be much easier.

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Understanding Handheld Spotlights: Features and Use

As mentioned, if you’re looking for a bright and convenient form of lighting, particularly for outdoor use, a handheld LED spotlight is going to be ideal.

These spotlights are often capable of kicking out a heck of a lot of light, and can make life so much simpler for times when you need a bright and instant source of light, without the use of mains electricity.

As the name implies, these lighting devices are indeed handheld and emit a beam of cylindrical shaped light. Their design draws inspiration from the spotlights used in theatres and stage productions.

The reason why a handheld spotlight is able to produce so much more light than a regular flashlight or torch, is because of the design. They emit a narrow beam of light concentrated to the centre. The light is therefore brighter because it is concentrated to just one area. Some spotlights however, have been designed to light up a wider area as the light scatters wider and is therefore less concentrated.

Many LED spotlights nowadays have been designed to be adjustable, so you can adjust the concentration of light over different areas. Again, this is where having high quality rechargeable lithium batteries, or a 12 volt recharge battery, is so beneficial.

Battery Lifespan in LED Handheld Spotlights


A handheld spotlight is only as good as the batteries that are powering it. You could invest in the world’s most expensive, celebrity-endorsed spotlight that’s marketed as being brighter than the sun itself, yet if you choose to power it with inferior batteries, you won’t see the benefits.

LED (light emitting diodes) lighting is becoming more and more common with each passing day. Not only does it offer more effective lighting, but LEDs also last much longer, are cheaper to run, and provide a brighter, more natural source of light.

In order to provide the spotlights with the power needed to function, you need good quality rechargeable lithium batteries. Society has moved on from the days of AA batteries that need replacing every few weeks, and with the advancements in modern technology and lighting solutions, rechargeable batteries are the future.

But how long do these batteries last? Well, it all depends on which supplier you go with, which spotlight you use, and how frequently you use your spotlight.

At a very rough estimate however, it depends on the power of the spotlight. Low lumen spotlights which offer less than 50 lumens for example, will last anything from 20 – 50 hours. Medium lumen spotlights of around 50 – 150 lumens will last around 6 – 12 hours on average, whereas high lumen spotlights of 150 lumens and above, will last roughly 2 – 8 hours. Again, it depends on the type of battery you use.

Key Factors to Evaluate Before Purchasing Spotlight Batteries


Assuming you’ve decided that a spotlight is needed, the next thing to consider is the battery. Do you need a 12 volt recharge battery, rechargeable lithium batteries, or anything else for that matter?

Buying batteries is actually a lot more complicated than you might have realized. To make life easier, here are a few things to consider beforehand.

1. Evaluating Brightness for Handheld Spotlight Batteries


The first thing to consider when searching for LED spotlight batteries is the brightness of the spotlight itself. If you find a spotlight that you like the look of, you must ensure that you know how bright the spotlight is.

If you’re looking for a handheld spotlight simply for camping every once in a while, a simple 50 lumen spotlight will be fine. For work, hunting, fishing, or anything else requiring brighter light, for longer, you may wish to look for a 150 lumen, or brighter, spotlight.

The brightness of the spotlight should determine the power of battery you opt for. The brighter the light, the stronger the battery must be.

2. Usage Frequency: Choosing the Right Battery for Your Spotlight

Another thing to consider before committing to a battery for your spotlight is how often you plan on using the light.

Is the spotlight just for use in emergencies, I.E in case the power goes off, or you breakdown in the wilderness or is it for regular use, I.E for work perhaps? All of this needs to be considered beforehand.

If you just plan on using the spotlight for one of two camping weekends a year, a lower voltage battery should be fine. If however, you go camping, hunting, fishing, or anything else, regularly, I.E several times a month, a stronger, more powerful battery should be used instead.

3, Identifying Reputable Battery Suppliers for Spotlights

Finally, perhaps the most important consideration when it comes to sourcing rechargeable lithium batteries for a handheld spotlight is the battery supplier.

There are plenty of battery suppliers out there, but unfortunately not all of them are reputable and reliable. The last thing you want is to buy a cheap battery from an unreliable company, only to find that the battery loses power quickly, or worse still, is unreliable and unsafe.

Always buy your batteries from a trusted and reliable battery supplier, such as Manly Battery, as that way you know you are getting a reliable product and the best possible value.

Lithium vs. Lead Acid Batteries for Handheld Spotlights


If you’re looking to power your handheld spotlight, when deciding upon a battery you will need to decide between lithium and lead acid.

While all batteries become less effective over time, lead acid batteries are, by far, less efficient than lithium batteries. This is because they have much higher life cycle numbers.

Not only are lithium batteries much longer lasting, they will ultimately save you money as well. Sure, they likely cost more than lead acid batteries initially, but considering that they last so much longer, they will need to be replaced far less, so ultimately this means that you save money.

Finally, as if that wasn’t all, you’ll also find that rechargeable lithium batteries are also much more efficient than lead acid batteries. A good quality lead acid battery is around 85% efficient, whereas a good quality lithium battery is more than 95% efficient, at the very least.

Needless to say, lithium batteries come out on top when compared with lead acid batteries, so be sure to consider that in the future.

Guide to Choosing a Trustworthy Battery Supplier for Spotlights


As we’ve mentioned previously in this guide, when buying a battery for your handheld spotlight, choosing the right battery supplier is so important. Failure to do so will not only cost you money, it could also be dangerous.

Here are some tips on choosing the right battery supplier for your handheld spotlight.

  • Ask for recommendations
  • Read reviews
  • Look at their feedback
  • Look for experienced suppliers
  • Check out their website
  • Check out their socials
  • Speak to them
  • Follow your gut

Top Battery Choices for Reliable Handheld Spotlight Performance


Finally, before we wrap things up, we’ll finish off by looking at some of the best batteries for handheld spotlights.

Whether you’re looking for a 12 volt recharge battery, rechargeable lithium batteries, or anything else, the following products come very highly recommended indeed.

MANLY 12V 7AH Battery

For lower power devices, the MANLY 12V 7AH Lithium Battery is perfect.

Designed for exceptional power outputs, this battery may be small and light weight, but it offers maximum performance and is designed to last.

With over 8,000 life cycles, the battery offers numerous safety features, is durable, reliable, and is also very affordably priced.

12v 7ah lifepo4 battery - manly

MANLY 12V 9AH Battery

For times when you need a bit more power for your spotlights, the MANLY 12V 9AH Lithium Battery will prove ideal.

With a 10-year warranty, the battery can be used to power your spotlights, outdoor lighting, access control systems, electrical tools, and plenty more besides. It too, features integrated safety features, including overvoltage and overcurrent protection, and it too, is very fairly priced.

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MANLY 12V 12AH Battery

Finally, if you really need to some serious power, the MANLY 12V 12AH Lithium UPS Battery comes very highly recommended.

This battery will last upwards of 15 years, it is durable, eco-friendly, has a maintenance-free operation, is light in weight, and features a very long life cycle.

MANLY also offer a 10-year warranty for this specific battery, so you can enjoy peace of mind as you use it.

12v 12ah lifepo4 battery - manly

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