In the future, security robots will show their talents

- manly

With the progress of the times, intelligent products gradually appear in the public eye, and the robot industry has also begun to develop by leaps and bounds.

At present, under the upsurge of artificial intelligence, the traditional security inspection industry is facing huge challenges. Therefore, the security inspection industry has to undergo technology and model transformation, and security inspection robots also contain new market opportunities.

The security inspection robot is an unmanned inspection system based on 5G communication. It is a device that integrates technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and sensors. As a subdivision of the special robot industry, the security inspection robot is mainly based on the actual needs of life, and is used to solve hidden safety hazards, patrol monitoring and disaster warning, so as to reduce the occurrence of safety accidents and reduce the loss of life and property.

Due to the advantages of security inspection robots, they are gradually applied to various special places to help people complete monitoring and security work.

Substation security inspection robot: It mainly adopts the respirator color recognition system, instrument detection system, infrared measurement system, etc. The integration of various technologies enables the security inspection robot to autonomously inspect indoor and outdoor high-voltage equipment, and can give early warnings and find inspections. Equipment failure and other problems, provide operators with detection data, maintain the normal operation of equipment, and provide safety guarantees for relevant staff.

Disaster prevention and security inspection robot: It is mainly used to detect agricultural and forestry geological conditions. Through control devices, identification systems, transmission methods, etc., it can conduct security detection on various terrains such as mountains and steep slopes, realize data collection, and finally form a Complete monitoring system.

Daily security inspection robot: It is mainly used at the gate of the community or at various entrances and exits, and can also be used as a security guard. It integrates high-definition cameras, infrared thermal imaging, environmental sensors, and warning light devices. It can perform tasks autonomously, 24-hour all-round audio and video monitoring, and automatic alarms for abnormal situations. Therefore, it saves a certain amount of labor costs.

In addition to the common technologies of mobile robots, security inspection robots also need navigation and positioning, computer vision, movement and motion control, target detection and recognition, sensors, human-computer interaction and other related technologies under the factors of security application goals and environment. support. Among them, navigation and positioning technology is the most basic technical requirement of security inspection robots. Therefore, researchers are required to provide the best navigation for security inspection robots according to different application scenarios, combined with environmental characteristics, navigation accuracy, implementation cost and reliability. positioning scheme.

The security inspection robot market is a market with great potential, and it is also an industry with a lot of accumulation. Its development direction is mainly focused on image and video accurate recognition, big data mining, intelligent early warning and other aspects. How to seize the opportunity and how to develop and evolve have become key issues. Overall, the future development prospects of security inspection robots are worth looking forward to.