Innovative Energy Storage System: PowerTitan2.0

On October 26th, Sunshine Power introduced its next-generation energy storage system, PowerTitan2.0. Sticking to the principle of “integrated intelligence of three electrical systems,” it’s the world’s first 10MWh fully liquid-cooled energy storage system. Pioneering an industry-first with its simple “AC/DC integrated” structure, the battery units and PCS are combined into a single cabinet. This design greatly improves the system’s efficiency, performance, safety, and intelligence, paving the way for the AC storage era in large ground power stations.

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Achieving More Efficient AC Storage

First, in terms of space efficiency, the PowerTitan2.0 energy storage system adopts an integrated AC/DC design with a minimalist layout, saving more space. It entirely uses 20-foot standard containers with a back-to-back, efficient layout. The combined AC/DC approach eliminates the need for PCS, LC equipment, and their maintenance space, reducing land use by 29%. For every 100 megawatt-hours, only 2000 square meters is used.

Simultaneously, regarding assembly and operational efficiency, the equipment can be connected to the grid upon arrival. Through self-developed critical equipment stacks such as BMS, PCS, and EMS, the PowerTitan series can complete pre-installation and pre-adjustment before leaving the factory. The integrated “AC/DC” feature further eliminates onsite PCS installation, DC connection, communication testing, and charging and discharging tests. Moreover, with the standard 20-foot foundation, the design and construction are more unified, enabling efficient grid connection upon arrival.

Stronger Performance AC Storage

The PowerTitan2.0 system adopts a “cluster to one PCS” approach to reduce the ‘barrel effect’ and enhance the online rate. Compared to the traditional “one cabinet to one PCS,” AC storage achieves “cluster to one PCS” for the first time. This cluster-level uniform flow control eliminates inter-cluster barrel effects, boosting the system’s full-life cycle discharge by 8%. It also supports SOC automatic calibration without shutdown or manual intervention.

Moreover, with the “cluster to one PCS” design, each operates independently, ensuring faults in one don’t affect others. Single machine fault repair takes just half an hour, significantly enhancing system uptime. Compared to the traditional storage where “one PCS fault leads to the entire cabinet fault,” fault losses are reduced by 92%.

In terms of operating energy consumption, PowerTitan2.0 uses AI biothermal balancing, reducing auxiliary power consumption by 45%. PowerTitan2.0 employs liquid-cooled PACK + liquid-cooled PCS for “full liquid cooling” heat dissipation. With AI biothermal balancing technology, it has fast cooling, micro-cooling, and heating temperature control modes, intelligently switching based on cell temperature, environmental temperature, and operational conditions, further reducing auxiliary power consumption and enhancing carbon-reducing operations.

Compared to the traditional DCDC + centralized PCS two-stage conversion, PowerTitan2.0’s integrated “AC/DC” reduces the conversion levels, enhancing the conversion efficiency with a 2% rise in RTE.

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Safer AC Storage

For the utmost safety in energy storage systems, PowerTitan2.0 ensures that direct current (DC) doesn’t leave the cabinet, minimizing potential hazards. Traditional DC cables, long and exposed, pose significant risks. PowerTitan2.0’s design keeps DC confined within the cabinet, with standardized short cables housed in a fully liquid-cooled “air-conditioned space,” mitigating various safety concerns. Furthermore, it’s equipped with high-current AI arc-quenching technology, shutting off arcs in milliseconds, safeguarding the entire cabinet’s integrity.

Moreover, it emphasizes installation in factories, ensuring on-site safety. Energy storage installation, due to varying construction environments, complexity, and expertise levels, often encounters challenges and malfunctions. PowerTitan practices the “integrated” philosophy to the fullest, with standardized designs, inspections, and assembly, simplifying on-site operations.

Also, Sun Power ensures rigorous quality control throughout the process, forging the inherent safety of the energy storage system. PowerTitan2.0’s single 20-foot cabinet boasts a capacity of up to 5MWh, making it the industry’s highest energy density. This poses heightened safety challenges. Leveraging Sun Power’s integrated capabilities, from cell design to system testing, delivery, and maintenance, PowerTitan2.0 confidently faces these challenges.

On the product technology front, Sun Power collaborates with battery partners to establish stringent quality control. Every cell, from its arrival at the factory to its integration, undergoes 118 comprehensive tests, ensuring the selection of the finest batteries. They seek optimum cyclic life, energy efficiency, and energy density. PowerTitan2.0 introduces cell AI holographic management technology. This utilizes “6D sensor monitoring” covering voltage, current, temperature, gas, pressure, and particles, providing a 24-hour advance intelligent warning and preemptively managing thermal runaway. Furthermore, PowerTitan2.0 adopts 50 major safety designs across structural, electrical, and control strategies. The battery packs, battery clusters, PCS, and the entire system undergo 400+ safety tests. Lastly, for firefighting, PowerTitan2.0 continues to use a comprehensive “prevent, vent, extinguish” design approach.

Smarter AC Storage

PowerTitan2.0 innovatively adopts block-level intelligent management, controlling the entire cabinet. With its standalone smart array management design, block-level communication, debugging, and energy dispatch are centralized in one unit. A single cabinet control and unified brain management ensure maximized charge and discharge, reducing system response time by 25% and maintenance workload by 75%.

Within this system, PowerTitan2.0 incorporates Sun Power’s proprietary GWh-scale EMS energy management system, allowing for clear visualization, fingertip management, and total screen control.

Additionally, PowerTitan2.0 is equipped with the latest stem-cell grid technology. This allows for instantaneous (0ms) grid-following/islanding auto-switching and active harmonic absorption. It’s extensively used in various islanding projects globally, such as Thailand’s Super and the Middle East’s Dalia, ensuring the stable operation of modern power systems.


The PowerTitan2.0 by Sunshine Power marks a significant leap in the domain of Energy Storage Systems. By harmoniously merging safety, efficiency, performance, and intelligence, it not only revolutionizes AC storage but also underscores the potential of integrating advanced technologies for a sustainable energy future. From its design ingenuity to its operational capabilities, PowerTitan2.0 is an embodiment of innovation, setting the stage for the next wave of advancements in the energy sector.

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