The development trend of security system

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1. HD application

In recent years, “HD whirlwind” has become a popular word in the entire security system, and the concept of HD is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. With the high-definition concept proposed by relevant monitoring manufacturers, this is not only a single security product, but a complete set of novel and complete solutions to be applied in the security system. High-definition technology has no related technical problems, but the manufacturers that can provide this complete set of solutions are still relatively limited. In the monitoring industry, this overall solution mainly promotes related high-definition solutions, such as safe cities and intelligent transportation.

For the high-definition industry, the price of lenses is often relatively high, and the compatibility of multiple manufacturers often has certain problems, so there are certain problems in the overall system requirements of users. Therefore, there are certain deficiencies in the high-definition security system in practical applications. . However, there are also many successful application cases of high-definition monitoring systems in the market, especially for some special industries. This is the local use of high-definition cameras in limited high-end fields. Although the publicity of high-definition security systems is relatively hot, there is still a problem of insufficient market share. However, with the advancement of technology, the increase of investment in the high-definition market by various manufacturers, and the continuous popularization of relevant standards and norms, we believe that more and more social enterprises and institutions will adopt high-definition cameras, and the high-definition industry will develop by leaps and bounds development of. On the one hand, with the increase in the demand for security systems, people’s security awareness continues to increase, and the demand for high-end security systems in the civilian market will also continue to increase. Therefore, considerable HD demand will appear in the field of civilian monitoring.

2. Internet of Things

For a wide range of Internet of Things, its application in the security industry can be said to be like a duck to water. It can be applied to the Internet of Things in various security fields, such as public safety, environmental protection, intelligent transportation, elderly care, intelligent fire protection, industrial testing and so on. This also shows that one of the important fields of IoT applications is the security field, and the pace of IoT entering the security field is moving forward rapidly.

(1) The Internet of Things and Intelligent Transportation

The Internet of Things plays a significant role in the “new generation of intelligent transportation”. With the rapid development of 3G and logistics sensing technology, wireless sensors combine with relevant embedded technologies, and integrate short-range wireless communication technology and microelectronic sensor technology. play an important role in data collection. For the intelligent transportation system, the vehicle speed, distance and other information in a fixed area are collected regularly through the non-contact geomagnetic sensor. For the terminal node in the system, when the vehicle enters the monitoring area of ​​the relevant sensor, important information such as the driving speed of the relevant vehicle can be collected by the magnetic sensor, and the relevant information can be transmitted to the next awakened node at the same time. In this way, after the next node collects the relevant information of the vehicle, the average speed of the vehicle and other important information can be estimated. In this way, the information of multiple terminal nodes can be aggregated to the gateway node. Under the processing of data fusion, the information of the road and vehicle flow can be obtained, which can effectively help the traffic signal control at the intersection. In addition, important information such as road surface status, vehicle exhaust pollution, and visibility can also be obtained through different types of sensors installed on terminal nodes, such as humidity, gas detection, and illuminance.

(2) Internet of Things and Smart Home

With the help of the Internet of Things, automated homes can help building owners save time and provide a more energy-efficient and convenient lifestyle for the entire family. The so-called smart home is the use of advanced computer network technology, integrated wiring control technology, etc., and the use of automatic control to organically combine the related systems of home life to provide a convenient life for the owner. For example, the curtains in the home will be closed at a fixed time every night. Through the control panel by the bed, the lights or other electrical appliances in the room that need to be turned off can be automatically controlled before falling asleep, and the security system should be automatically set to the alert state. When you are on your way home, you can automatically control the air conditioner or water heater through a text message, and automatically allow the rice cooker to cook and prepare for you.

(3) Internet of things and security protection

The Internet of Things is more widely used in building security. The Internet of Things security technology can be used on the new security window. This new security window is basically invisible at a distance of 15 meters. This is the difference from the traditional security window. When you get closer, you can find a thin net covering the window. Basically composed of 5 cm thin steel wires, these sensing lines are connected to the monitoring system of the community. In this way, the steel wire will directly alarm the security system after being interrupted or subjected to a strong impact. In addition, this new type of anti-theft window can also improve the escape ability of residents from the perspective of fire protection, and it is easier to obtain rescue.

In addition, for the intelligent residential security system, using the existing network interconnection technology, coupled with advanced intelligent image analysis technology, sensor technology, etc., can carry out important work in access control and community unit video photography, which can meet the needs of access control management and The docking of the public security management platform. Here is an example of a fingerprint lock application for a brief description. Among them, among the front-end identification technologies of radio frequency access control, which account for more than 90%, “biometric identification” is more and more widely used in some key places. Among them, “fingerprint” identification accounts for more than half of the biometric identification methods. On the one hand, the high-tech electronic smart lock does not affect the appearance, on the other hand, it is more conducive to meet the requirements of fire prevention and theft. The circuit and the mechanism are the two parts of the fingerprint lock. It has fingerprint collection and recognition, and is functionally verified through the electronic module. At the same time, it cooperates with the high-performance security features of the high-precision mechanical lock cylinder. Password unlocking is also often a feature of fingerprint locks, and the key unlocking function is retained, which can handle individual cases where the electronic function fails.

3. Civility

At present, civil security has developed rapidly in the entire security industry, and the market is huge. Related to the civil security market mainly includes video surveillance, smart access control, smart home and anti-theft alarm and so on. The areas involved mainly include community security, entertainment monitoring, network monitoring of small chain stores, network monitoring of small and medium-sized shops (retail, convenience stores, etc.), as well as network video control of personal homes, etc. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the gradual strengthening of placement awareness, the application scale of the civilian market of security products is getting larger and larger.

The fields of anti-theft alarm and building intercom are the current scope of application in the field of civil security. This simple, convenient and low-cost future anti-theft alarm device should have greater product functions and functions. The use of intelligent security systems is not only a single product, but should be combined with smart home, security care and other aspects. be the solution for the entire system. but. In the next few years, the market position of civil security systems is bound to rise further.