Intelligent cleaning robot market status

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Cleaning robots have been red-hot in the domestic market in just a few years, with sales of 565,300 units in 2013, growing to 3,069,600 units in 2016 and expected to sell nearly 8 million units in 2022; sales of 10,671 million RMB.The following is an analysis of the current state of the cleaning robot market.

Cleaning robot development status

With the progress of science and technology and social development, especially affected by the accelerated pace of life and increased work pressure, people hope to be more relieved from the tedious daily household cleaning affairs. This is undoubtedly the market demand for cleaning robots to enter the home.

Cleaning robots, also known as intelligent vacuuming robots or automatic vacuum cleaners, are currently the most challenging and popular research and development topic in the field of household appliances, but with great difficulty. For example, Japan’s Hitachi has been researching and developing since the late 1980s, but no mature products have been released yet; other Japanese Panasonic, Korean Samsung, LG, Hanool Robotics, Swedish Electrolux, Dutch Philips, German Karcher, British Dyson, Australian Floorbotics, American Eureka and iRobot, Evolution Robotic, Taiwan’s United Teng Electronics, and Taiwan’s United Teng Electronics. Evolution Robotic, Taiwan LianTeng Electronics and other companies are or have been actively developing and providing some samples or small batch products. Currently, the domestic market has dozens of cleaning robot brands, but the percentage of locally established cleaning robot companies with core R&D capabilities is not high.

In recent years, cleaning robots are becoming popular at an alarming rate, and the market is developing very rapidly. In the previous development stage, cleaning robots mainly focus on improving sweeping efficiency. At this stage, cleaning robots are bound to shift to the direction of development of intelligent core technologies such as multi-sensor fusion, navigation, and path planning after ensuring that they provide better cleaning results.

Cleaning robot market status

1, China’s sweeping robot industry started late, in the early stages of development

Compared with the international developed countries, China’s service robot industry started late and is still in the early stages of development. 2010 or so foreign sweeping robot products into the Chinese market, due to the high price, most consumers find it difficult to accept, and by the influence of living habits and consumer philosophy, most of the domestic population in indoor cleaning is still mainly using manual cleaning methods or vacuum cleaner equipment, so The penetration rate of sweeping robots in China’s cleaning appliances consumer market is not high.

2, China’s sweeping robot industry development speed is fast, the development prospects are good

Although China’s sweeping robot started late, but the development speed is fast, the future development space is larger. 2010 to 2015, with the national economy continues to develop, the per capita disposable income level continues to improve, the per capita housing area continues to increase, under the influence of urbanization, intelligent and other factors, sweeping robot is gradually accepted by the majority of consumers, especially by the younger generation of consumer groups. At the same time, with the progress of science and technology, the consumption concept of Chinese consumers is also changing, and the demand for intelligent products is gradually increasing. In addition, the fast-paced life brought about by urbanization has led to a reduction in people’s domestic work time, and the population structure has gradually developed toward aging, making the rigid demand for household robots more and more obvious. According to the statistics, the sales volume of China’s sweeping robots in 2013 was 565,300 units, which grew to 3,069,600 units in 2016 and is expected to sell nearly 4 million units in 2017; the sales volume of China’s sweeping robots in 2013 was 838 million yuan, and the sales volume in 2016 was 4,250 million yuan, and the compound growth rate of sales volume from 2013 to 2016 was 71.78%, sales are expected to be 5.671 billion yuan in 2017.

3, the rapid development of China’s Internet e-commerce platform, promoting the rapid growth of online sales of sweeping robots With the rapid development of China’s Internet e-commerce platform, more and more consumers adapt to and are keen on e-commerce platform shopping, and more and more businesses also shift from traditional offline sales to online sales. Nowadays, e-commerce platform makes consumers can understand the appearance, price and product features of products through online platform without leaving home, while the regular promotion activities of Tmall, Jingdong and other e-commerce platforms have promoted the online sales of various products. According to statistics, China’s offline sales of floor cleaning robots have been relatively stable in recent years, but online sales are growing faster, with offline and online sales of 390 million yuan and 450 million yuan respectively in 2013, and offline and online sales of 520 million yuan and 3.73 billion yuan respectively in 2016, and online sales of floor cleaning robots in China are expected to exceed 5 billion yuan in 2017.

In summary, the cleaning robot market is in a period of continuous development and growth. In order to continuously improve the user experience and fit the actual function of the demand, cleaning robots will continue to evolve and improve, to achieve the true meaning of intelligent cleaning robots. In the future, cleaning robots will enter the 3.0 era, and the next technological trends will be fusion-type sensing systems, enhanced intelligence, enhanced network services, and multi-machine collaboration and self-learning, MANLY Battery is a professional lithium battery manufacturer, most our lithium battery for Intelligent cleaning robot application, if you have any reuqirement on the lithium battery for Intelligent cleaning robot, you can email MANLY Battery at [email protected]