Introduction of Solar Light: Battery Innovations

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Solar street lights are powered by crystalline silicon solar batteries, the batteries store electrical energy, super bright LED lamps are used as light sources, and are controlled by intelligent charge and discharge controllers, which are used to replace traditional public electricity lighting street lights.

No need to lay cables, no AC power supply, no electricity bill; use DC power supply, control; with good stability, long life, high luminous efficiency, easy installation and maintenance, high safety performance, energy saving and environmental protection, economical and practical advantages.

The solar light can be widely used in urban main and secondary arterial roads, communities, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and other places. Manly has rich experience in lithium phosphate batteries for solar lights, contact us now.

Guide to Choosing the Best Solar Street Lights

Picking the best solar street lights isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. It’s crucial to think about what you specifically need before you make a purchase.

For example, you should look at how bright the lights are, how long they take to charge, and how long the battery will last. Each of these factors will help ensure the lights meet your requirements.

How to Choose Bright and Efficient Solar Street Lights

Figuring Out How Bright Your Solar Street Light Should Be

The first step in selecting a solar energy street light is to figure out how bright it needs to be. This depends on the size of the area you want to light up.

The brightness of street lights is measured in lumens. For solar power street lights, this brightness can range from 500 lumens to more than 10,000 lumens. A 500-lumen LED light is good for smaller spaces like alleys and residential parking areas. On the other hand, a 10,000-lumen LED light is better for larger, high-security areas like major roads.

You can easily find the lumens of a light in its product description. This will also tell you about the light’s wattage and how long it’s expected to last.

Coverage Area is Key

Another important thing to consider is how wide the light beams. The coverage area is crucial for determining the overall brightness.

For example, a typical LED flood light can shine light in an arc from 50 to 250 degrees. A 50-degree coverage is suitable for a small street, while a 250-degree coverage can light up a big open area.

Efficient Lighting: Motion Detectors or Auto On/Off in Solar Lights?

Understanding Motion Detectors in Solar Street Lights

Many solar street light makers include built-in motion detectors and often talk about how useful they are. In fact, a lot of the top solar lights come with these advanced motion detectors.

But are they better than the auto on/off feature?

The choice between motion detectors and auto on/off really depends on what you need the light for. Each feature has its own benefits.

Motion detectors are great for security. They can sense even the slightest movement from as far as 15 feet away. Plus, they help save energy. You can keep your lights dim and still feel safe, knowing they’ll brighten up if there’s any movement.

Auto On/Off Feature for Consistent Illumination

However, for lighting up streets, alleys, or pathways consistently throughout the night, the auto on/off feature is essential. This feature ensures that the lights turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn automatically. In such cases, motion sensors might not be as useful because you need continuous lighting, not just when movement is detected.

Selecting the Right Battery for Your Solar Power Street Light

When you’re picking out a solar energy street light, it’s important to consider the battery’s capacity. This capacity can range from 2500 mAh to 15000 mAh. We recommend choosing a battery with the highest mAh available.

But why is this important?

On days with no sunshine, a high-capacity battery becomes crucial. It makes sure that your outdoor areas stay brightly lit throughout the night, even without any solar energy during the day. MANLY provides solar light batteries that are not only long-lasting but also incredibly safe. Our LiFePO4 batteries boast an impressive energy efficiency rate of 98%. At MANLY, the focus is on delivering both quality and durability, something that is highlighted by their 10-year warranty. For those looking to purchase in large quantities, MANLY offers competitive pricing, making their batteries an excellent choice for bulk buyers.

Solar Street Light Selection: Charge Time and Night Duration

The Importance of Fast Charging

When picking out a solar energy street light, pay close attention to how long the battery takes to fully charge. This detail is super important because the sun isn’t always shining brightly all day. If the battery charges quickly, you won’t have to worry about less sunlight affecting your outdoor lights.

Long Operating Hours are Essential

Equally important is how long the battery can power the light. Ideally, your solar street light should work for at least 12 hours without stopping. This is often referred to as ‘dusk to dawn’ lighting.

While motion sensors can reduce the need for constant high brightness, there are still many areas where having lights on from dusk till dawn is necessary. Quality and durability lie at the core of our offerings, reinforced by a 10-year warranty assurance.

The Importance of IP Rating in Solar Street Lights

Why a High IP Rating Matters

When you’re shopping for solar energy street lights, it’s important to check the IP rating. This rating tells you how well the light resists water, dust, and other things like pet dander. A higher IP rating means the light can handle these elements better.

It’s a good idea to choose solar street lamps that have an IP rating between IP66 and IP69. This range ensures excellent protection against various environmental factors.

The Benefits of LED Lighting

You’ve probably heard that LED lights are both super bright and energy-efficient. That’s why they’re perfect for solar power street lights. Using LED lights is the best way to make sure you’re getting the most out of the solar energy powering the lights.

Do Solar Lights Need Batteries

Why Solar Lights Have Batteries

Solar lights need batteries because they keep the energy from the sun. You don’t have to replace or recharge these batteries for your solar lights to work right and keep shining even when it’s dark. Most solar garden lights use batteries that don’t hold a lot of power but last a long time. These are often paired with LED lights, which don’t use much battery power.

Storing Solar Energy for Nighttime Use

If solar lights didn’t have batteries, they couldn’t save the energy they get from the sun. This means they would only work during the day when the sun is out. The electricity that the solar panel makes starts to charge the batteries, storing the energy for later. It’s important to pick the right kind of solar light for what you need. Also, it helps to know how long each light will last. Remember, the solar panels on these lights might need cleaning from time to time. Dirt can build up and stop sunlight from getting through.

A Guide to Solar Lights Batteries and Their Advantages

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries have been around for some time and have gained popularity recently due to advancements in their technology. They stand out because of their excellent performance and long life, making them a top choice for many uses.

Lead-Acid Batteries

Lead-acid batteries have been used for over a century. Their long history means they are a well-tested and reliable storage solution. They’re one of the oldest types of batteries still in use today.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries (LiFePO4)

LiFePO4 batteries, also known as Lithium Iron Phosphate, are a significant upgrade over both traditional lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. They offer benefits in weight, capacity, and lifespan. One of the safest lithium battery types, LiFePO4 batteries are known for their stability, with a low risk of overheating and catching fire, even if they are damaged.

Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) Batteries

Nickel batteries, often called nickel-cadmium or Ni-Cd, have been in the market for over a century as well. They are known for their durability and the ability to perform in extreme temperatures. However, cadmium, a component of these batteries, is highly toxic, leading to restrictions on their use in several countries.

Flow Batteries

Flow batteries are a newer addition to solar storage solutions. They boast an almost 100% depth of discharge (DoD), meaning you can use all the stored energy without damaging the battery. However, they are still in the developmental stage, which is a drawback for now.

MANLY 12V Lithium Batteries: Powering Solar Lights with Excellence

Introduction to MANLY Batteries for Solar Lights

Welcome to MANLY Batteries, where over 13 years of excellence in making top-quality batteries meets your solar lighting needs. Located in China, MANLY Batteries specializes in creating batteries that are perfect for various applications, including solar lights.

Two Great Options for Your Solar Lights

Today, we’re excited to introduce two specific products perfect for powering solar lights: the 12V 50Ah and 12V 30Ah lithium batteries. These batteries are part of MANLY’s commitment to provide high-quality, durable, and efficient power solutions.

The 12V 50Ah Lithium Battery: Powerhouse Performance

The 12V 50Ah lithium battery from MANLY is a real powerhouse. It’s perfect for solar lights that need a lot of energy. This battery will keep your lights shining bright for a long time. It’s built to last and performs well, even in tough conditions.

12v 50ah lithium battery - 50ah deep cycle battery - manly

The 12V 30Ah Lithium Battery: Compact and Efficient

If you need something a bit smaller, the 12V 30Ah lithium battery is a great choice. It’s perfect for solar lights in smaller areas. This battery might be smaller, but it’s just as powerful and efficient as its bigger sibling. It’s also easier to handle and install.

12v 30ah lithium battery - lawn mower battery - manly

Safety and Durability Combined

Both batteries are not just powerful; they’re also safe. They have protection against short circuits, overcharging, and too much current. They’re built to last a long time and come with a 10-year warranty. Plus, they work great in extreme temperatures, from very cold to very hot.

High Efficiency for Your Solar Lights

These batteries are super efficient. They charge faster and use less energy compared to older battery types. This means your solar lights will get more power from less charging.

Tailored for Your Needs

MANLY understands everyone has different needs. That’s why these batteries come with options for customization. You can choose the best voltage, capacity, and even the look of your battery.