Medical Device battery

Customized Medical Device battery | LiFePO4 Battery

At Manly Battery, we specialize in customizing medical device battery that can be tailored to suit your unique needs. You have the freedom to adjust the voltage, capacity, current, size, and appearance of the battery according to your preferences.

Our medical device battery is designed to be easy to install as plug-and-play devices, replacing conventional lead-acid batteries. They are versatile batteries that can be utilized in various industries that currently depend on lead-acid batteries. Additionally, they can be expanded through both series and parallel applications.

Lifespans of these products exceed 8000 cycles. They safeguard against short circuits, overcharges, and over-discharges. Balanced circuits are a key feature. Also, they can link multiple series in parallel.

12v 20ah lifepo4 battery - manly

12V 20Ah LiFePo4 Battery

Reliable and versatile, our 12v li ion battery powers electronic balances, medical devices, and flashlights with safety and efficiency.
12v 24ah lifepo4 battery | 12v 24ah lithium battery - manly

12V 24Ah LiFePo4 Battery

Experience our 12V li ion battery with Sample Service, Fast Delivery, and IP67 waterproof rating. Reliable and convenient.
24v 20ah lifepo4 battery - manly

24V 20Ah LiFePo4 Battery

Empower your electronics with our 24V LiFePO4 Battery: Robust, efficient and designed for reliability.
24v 30ah lifepo4 battery - manly

24V 30Ah LiFePo4 Battery

Upgrade to our 24V LiFePO4 Battery: Environmentally friendly, long lifespan, safety features aplenty.
24v 35ah lithium battery - manly

24V 35Ah LiFePo4 Battery

Boost your devices with our 24V LiFePO4 Battery: High capacity, safety guaranteed, perfect for daily use.
24v 40ah lithium battery - manly

24V 40Ah LiFePo4 Battery

Your power needs met: 24V Lithium Battery. High energy, IP67 protected, 10-yr warranty, 8000+ cycles.
24v 42ah lifepo4 battery - manly

24V 42Ah LiFePo4 Battery

Experience top-notch energy with our 24V lithium battery: Safe, reliable and built for maximum efficiency.
24v 45ah lifepo4 lithium battery - manly

24V 45Ah LiFePO4 Battery

Unmatched power with our 24V LiFePO4 Battery: 8000+ cycles, robust BMS, a perfect lead-acid substitute.
24v 60ah lifepo4 battery - manly

24V 60Ah LiFePo4 Battery

The future of energy is here. 24V Lithium Battery: High efficiency, IP67 certified, and durability guaranteed.
24v 80ah lithium battery - manly

24V 80Ah LiFePo4 Battery

24V LiFePO4 Battery: high storage, reliable power. Enjoy 10-year warranty. A perfect energy companion for you.
24v 100ah lifepo4 battery - manly

24V 100Ah LiFePo4 Battery

Get robust power with our 24V Lithium Battery. A warranty of 10 years for trust in every energy transfer.
24v 120ah lithium battery - manly

24V 120Ah LiFePo4 Battery

24V Lithium Battery: Unrivaled strength, 8000+ cycles, advanced BMS, ideal for replacing lead-acid batteries.

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