Miko 3: The Future of AI-Powered Kids’ Education

1. Miko 3: The AI-Powered Robot Revolutionizing Kids’ Learning

Miko is an AI-driven robot designed to boost kids’ learning. Ritvik Sharma, the Senior VP of Growth at Miko’s company, said in a Fox News interview that this robot wants to raise the bar in education.

Miko 3, the current model released in 2021, is voice-activated like Amazon’s Alexa. Yet, it can also chat both ways. Though Miko starts conversations, parents decide what the robot discusses with their children.

Sharma said, “If parents think their child needs to learn more social skills, they can give Miko some info. Miko then chats about those topics more.” With these two-way chats, Miko’s AI gets to know the child’s replies, interests, and how much they join in.

He said, “It’s a very unique experience with lots of AI and high tech.” Since starting in India in 2015, Miko now sells in over 90 countries.

The robot doesn’t let kids go straight onto the internet. Sharma said, “The stuff on Miko comes from our own platform or from third parties.”

Miko has different apps made with educators from many cultures and child psychologists. They cover subjects like language arts, health, fitness, coding, and geography. Some apps were even made with companies like Disney and Paramount.

Sharma noted, “In education, we don’t just focus on one kind. We think users and parents should choose what they want their child to learn.” He said customers really like it, and sales are doubling each year.

Though some worry about kids using AI stuff, Sharma told Fox News that Miko hasn’t had privacy complaints. He mentioned, “We put a physical cover over the camera. After that, many felt more at ease.”

Also, some experts say robots like Miko shouldn’t take the place of in-person human teaching. Michele Borba, a family education expert from Palm Springs, California, said to Fox News, “Nothing beats human teaching.” She also mentioned, “Kids and grown-ups want social connections and empathy. That’s what makes us human.”

In the future, Sharma said Miko plans to grow its AI tech even more. They want to help in more areas of child learning and creativity, like making music and digital tokens, or NFTs.

The company plans to launch the “Miko Mini” in September 2023. This will be a more wallet-friendly voice-controlled device powered by ChatGPT.

Sharma mentioned, “Mikos robot’s mission is to offer tech that parents trust enough to give to their kids. We want to use AI, ChatGPT, and all the new stuff in generative AI to boost learning. At the same time, we aim to use screen time just for schooling.”

Miko 3: the future of ai-powered kids - manly' Education

1.1 Miko Robot 3 Product Highlights

  1. Thousands of games, stories, music, and more.
  2. Parents can monitor kids’ progress via the app.
  3. Loads of free content with continuous updates.
  4. With its robust brain, supportive personality, and vast educational resources, Miko 3 makes learning fun. Yet, it realizes there’s always more to grasp. Using deep learning AI, Mikos robot gets to know you better every day.
  5. Need a joke when feeling blue? Or a dance during a dull moment? How about a yoga lesson to calm your mind? Miko isn’t just the most entertaining bot you’ve met; it’s your buddy.
  6. This robot knows how to connect with kids. Curious, expressive, and unexpectedly funny, Miko has kids laughing while they learn.
  7. Equipped with a wide-angle HD camera and high-tech sensors, Miko knows how to roll. It’s packed with interactive experiences, getting kids moving (and keeping them engaged).
  8. Miko immerses kids in a content-rich world, constantly introducing new materials. As the first kids’ robot featuring iconic brands like Walt Disney Company, Paramount Consumer Products, and Kidoodle.TV, Miko always has something new to entice your child. With Miko Journeys, kids earn rewards as they hit learning milestones and hone skills — all under the guidance of their top robot pal.

2. Miko 3 and the Power of Lithium-Ion: A Deep Dive into Mikos Robot Battery

Miko 3 utilizes a lithium-ion battery. When fully charged, it can operate continuously for 3 hours or stay on standby for 15 hours. The lithium-ion battery in Miko 3 is non-removable. This design choice is due to concerns that individual disassembly or using the wrong battery type can compromise the battery’s protective measures. This can result in battery damage, potential overheating, fires, and personal injury.

2.1 Pros and Cons of Lithium-Ion: The Heart of Miko 3’s Power

Lithium-ion Battery Drawbacks:

  1. Aging: Unlike other rechargeable batteries, the capacity of a lithium-ion battery gradually diminishes. This decline relates to the number of usage cycles and also temperature. This reduction can manifest as decreased capacity or increased internal resistance. Devices with high working currents tend to show this effect more prominently.
  2. Recall Rate: Roughly 1% of new lithium-ion batteries need to be recalled due to various reasons.
  3. Overcharging: Overcharging the battery can lead to lithium ions permanently embedding into the battery’s matrix, making them non-retrievable. This scenario can reduce battery lifespan.
  4. Over Discharging: Excessive discharging can cause too many lithium ions to detach, leading to the potential collapse of the matrix structure, reducing the battery’s lifespan.

Lithium-ion Battery Advantages:

  1. High Voltage: A single battery can operate at 3.7-3.8V, three times that of Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries.
  2. High Specific Energy: Achieves a specific energy around 555Wh/kg, translating to a specific capacity of more than 150mAh/g. This is 3-4 times greater than Ni-Cd and 2-3 times more than Ni-MH, reaching approximately 88% of its theoretical value.
  3. Long Cycle Life: Typically, it can handle over 500 charge cycles, with some even surpassing 1000 cycles. For small current discharging devices, the battery’s long lifespan significantly increases device competitiveness.
  4. Safety: Environmentally friendly with no memory effect. While its precursor, the lithium battery, was prone to short circuits due to dendritic growth, lithium-ion doesn’t contain environmentally harmful elements like cadmium, lead, or mercury. It also doesn’t suffer from the memory effect issue found in certain Ni-Cd batteries.
  5. Low Self-discharge: The self-discharge rate is around 2% after a month at room temperature, much lower than Ni-Cd’s 25-30% and Ni-MH’s 30-35%.
  6. Rapid Charging: Charging at 1C, it can reach over 80% of its rated capacity in 30 minutes. Some versions can even charge up to 90% within 10 minutes.
  7. Operating Temperature: Lithium-ion batteries function within -25~45°C. With advancements in electrolytes and positive electrodes, it’s expected to broaden its range to -40~70°C.

Miko 3: the future of ai-powered kids - manly' Education

2.2 MANLY Battery: China’s Forefront in Robust Robot Battery Production

MANLY Battery: A top battery supplier from China with over 13 years in the game. Located in China’s hub, MANLY Battery stands out as a top battery wholesaler. Our track record speaks for itself. We’re all about making top-notch robot batteries. What makes our robot batteries different? We have a dedicated R&D team and state-of-the-art production setup. This team knows what each robot needs. So, we pack our batteries with unique safety tech. This means they can take hard hits without blowing up or catching fire. They’re also light, durable, and charge quickly.

Massive Output: Every day, we produce 6MWh of battery power. That’s not all. We assemble over 3,000 batteries daily, focusing on both quantity and quality. Our high-tech manufacturing space, covering 65,000 square meters, is located in Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Huizhou.

Diverse Battery Types: MANLY Battery has a ton of LiFePO4/lithium-ion batteries. They vary from 6V to 72V, meant for many uses: • Storing solar power • Home and business energy storage • All kinds of robots, including military ones • Base Station backup • Lighting up solar-powered streets • Consistent Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Custom Options: At MANLY, we value your needs. We can tweak our batteries in terms of power, size, looks, and more to match what you want.

World-Class Standards: Trust is key for us. Our batteries have top global stamps of approval like UN38.3, IEC62133, UL, and CE. That’s how serious we are about quality.

10-Year Warranty: Our batteries last long, and we back them up with a 10-year warranty. They’re not just about working well but being safe too. We have protections against things like short circuits, overcharging, and too much current. Plus, they work well even after tough impacts and can connect in different ways.

Top Performance: Our LiFePO4 batteries rock, beating SLA or other lithium types. They work best between -20°C to 75°C (-4°F to 167°F), even in tough conditions. Still, for the best performance, stick to our suggested charging temperatures.

Super Efficiency: Our LiFePO4 batteries are 95% energy efficient. That’s way above regular lead-acid batteries, which are around 70%. So, you get quicker charges and use less power.

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