Advantages of solar energy

Solar energy - manly

Solar energy is produced by the hydrogen-helium fusion of hydrogen atoms inside the sun to release huge nuclear energy. The radiant energy from the sun. Solar energy is an emerging renewable energy. Compared with conventional energy, it has the following advantages:

(1) Universal: The sun shines all over the earth, there is no geographical limitation, no matter land or sea, no matter mountain or island, it is everywhere, can be directly developed and used, easy to collect, and does not need to be mined and transported. Especially in rural areas, islands and remote areas with underdeveloped transportation, it has more use value.

(2) Harmless: The development and utilization of solar energy will not pollute the environment. It is one of the cleanest energy sources. It will not produce waste residue, waste water, exhaust gas, noise, and will not affect the ecological balance. Today, when environmental pollution is getting more and more serious, this is extremely valuable.

(3) Huge: The solar radiation energy that reaches the surface of the earth every year is equivalent to about 130 trillion tons of coal, and its total amount is the largest energy source that can be developed in the world today.

(4) Long-term: According to the estimation of the rate of nuclear energy produced by the sun, the storage of hydrogen is sufficient to maintain tens of billions of years, and the life of the earth is also about several billion years. In this sense, it can be said that the energy of the sun is used for Inexhaustible.