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UPS power supply correct use method and maintenance

The use and maintenance of UPS power supply should follow the following 10 points: 1. Correct switch sequence In order to avoid damage to the UPS caused by the inrush current generated by the load at the moment of start-up, the UPS should be supplied with power first to make it in the bypass state, […]

France Customer 300pcs 48V 80Ah Battery Lithium For Electric Vehicle The Test Is Complete Ready To Seal The Shell

France customer 300pcs 48V 80Ah battery lithium for Electric vehicle,the test is complete, ready to seal the shell. The 48V 80Ah battery lithium for Electric vehicle will be shipped to customers in two days. If you have any 48V 80Ah battery lithium for Electric vehicle projects , please don’t hesitate to call MANLY here or […]

The composition of solar lamps

With the development and progress of solar photovoltaic technology, it was first applied to lighting fixtures in civil applications. In recent years, due to the dual advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, solar garden lights, solar lawn lights and solar street lights have gradually been applied Form a scale. In the design of solar […]

Main Components of Electric Vehicles-“Four Major Parts”

Commonly known as the “four major pieces” that make up an electric vehicle refer to the electric vehicle battery, motor, controller and charger. The following is an introduction to the functions, structure and functions of the “Four Major Items”: One: Electric vehicle battery: It is the power source of electric vehicle, the energy carrier, used […]

What are the advantages of AGV

Advantages of AGV: (1) High degree of automation; It is controlled by computer, electronic control equipment, laser reflector, etc. When auxiliary materials are needed in a certain part of the workshop, the staff enters relevant information into the computer terminal, and the computer terminal sends the information to the central control room. Professional technicians issue […]

What is AGV

AGV is the abbreviation of (Automated Guided Vehicle), which means “automatically guided transport vehicle”. It is equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guidance devices. It can travel along a prescribed guidance path. It has safety protection and various mobility. Carrying function of the transport vehicle. Automated  Guided  Vehicle (AGV for short) refers to a transport vehicle equipped […]

Ireland Customer 300pcs 12V 38Ah Solar Battery Tested Has Been Completed

Ireland customer 300pcs 12V 38Ah solar battery,tested has been completed. The batch of solar battery will be shipped to the airport designated by the customer by air. If you have any solar battery projects , please don’t hesitate to call MANLY here or email at [email protected].  

How to choose an electric sightseeing car

First, to consider the safety issues Electric sightseeing car because we all think the operation is easy, so we all casually operate, after all, this car is the steering wheel driving car, there is a steering wheel and speed with the problem, so without professional training also left safety hidden danger. If the electric sightseeing […]

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