Sungrow signed a contract with Israel’s largest energy storage project

Recently, Sungrow and Enlight Renewable Energy, a new energy giant, signed Israel’s largest energy storage project to provide a new generation of 430MWh 1500V liquid-cooled energy storage system, which will accelerate the transformation of the local energy structure and the pace of net zero carbon.

Under the global low-carbon transition trend, the Israeli government is facing tremendous pressure to reduce emissions, and plans to account for 26% of Israel’s energy structure in the next 10 years. Faced with the resulting difficulties in photovoltaic consumption and grid access, energy storage will become an important supporting technology.

Enlight is Israel’s largest new energy company and has always attached great importance to technological innovation, product performance and system safety. “The successful practice of Sungrow’s hundreds of megawatt-hour projects in North America and Europe is an important cornerstone of the cooperation between the two parties. After careful comparison and comprehensive inspection of many companies around the world, we finally locked Sungrow.” Mr. Gilad Yavetz, CEO of Enlight Commented.

Enlight and Sungrow are the first to build the largest local energy storage project of 430MWh. With a new generation of 1500V liquid-cooled energy storage system, Enlight leads the new direction of industry development, and plays an important role in demonstrating and promoting the large-scale application of “new energy + energy storage” in Israel.