Some Notes on Electronic Scales

(1) The electronic scale should be used in a ventilated and dry environment. The temperature should not be too high or too low. The service life is determined by the characteristics of the sensor, the characteristics of the electronic components and the characteristics of the plastic shell.

(2) The electronic scale can only be used after the power switch is inserted for 2~3 minutes.

(3) The shell and buttons of the electronic scale should be kept clean. Because any oil pollution will affect the normal service life.

(4) When using the electronic scale, keep the four corners of the scale body stable and as level as possible. In this way, it can weigh accurately and respond quickly. Because the sensor is in stable vertical force, the output signal is the most accurate.

(5) When the electronic scale is weighing, do not place objects that exceed the rated mass on the weighing pan. Because this will shorten the service life of the sensor, let alone slam the sensor.

(6) The sensor connection line of the electronic scale shall not be lengthened by itself, so as not to affect the accuracy of the scale.