Classification and working principle of electronic scales

- manly

1. Category:
According to the working mode, it can be divided into mechanical scales (weighing scales), electronic display scales, and automatic measuring systems.
According to the way of use, it can be divided into case scales, platform scales, small floor scales, electronic truck scales, direct display crane scales, wireless digital crane scales, and quantitative packaging systems.
According to the function, it can be divided into weighing scales, counting scales, and pricing scales.

2. System composition:
Including sensor circuit; A/D circuit; microcontroller circuit; display circuit; keyboard circuit; output interface circuit; power circuit; and various intelligent circuits.

3. Working principle:
The external force deforms the elastic beam of the sensor, and then the strain gauges attached to the elastic beam also prevent changes. The four strain gauges are connected to form a bridge measurement circuit. Under the action of the excitation voltage, the output signal is also A proportional change (electricity) occurs. The accuracy of the sensor directly affects the accuracy of weighing.