Specification for emergency lights

- manly

1. Emergency lights are lights that continue to work when the normal lighting system no longer provides normal lighting due to power failure. Each light of emergency lights has a large number of electronic components, such as transformers, voltage stabilizers, charging, inverters, batteries, etc. Emergency lights need to be charged and discharged during use, maintenance and failure.

2. Emergency lights are different from general lighting, including backup lighting and evacuation lighting. The general lighting in a specific area is designed with different illuminances to illuminate the general lighting in the area. The local lighting is the lighting for specific visual work. Set to a certain part, mixed lighting is lighting that consists of general lighting and local lighting.

3. Emergency lights are emergency lighting components designed to ensure that normal activities continue. The surface brightness of the sign is 7 to 10cd/m2, the thickness of the text stroke is at least 19mm, the height is at least 150mm, and the viewing distance is 30m. contrast.

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