The advantages of welcome robot

- manly

Welcome robot has the following advantages:
1. It can stand by for 24 hours, and can not eat, drink, sleep, and have no human emotions. At most, it can be charged when the store is closed at night.

2. Robots can use big data to analyze, aggregate user information, and draw key information. Data reports can also be directly and systematically exported, which is much stronger than manual registration.

3. Improve the sense of technology and attract customers. Whether it is an adult or a child, passing by will always be more curious about intelligent robots.

4. More efficient and standardized operations, especially in government and enterprise service halls, hotels, museums and other places, after customers arrive, basic tasks can be completed independently, and the whole process service attitude is better.

5. During the epidemic, some companies’ robots can also perform body temperature detection, repeated broadcast of epidemic prevention publicity and other services.

6. To stand out among many competitors, user experience and exclusive experience are very important.

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