What is an automatic control system

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Automatic control technology:
Use the control device to make the controlled object work according to the predetermined technical requirements under the condition that no one is directly involved. Or: use external equipment or devices (control devices, controllers) to make a certain working state or parameter (controlled quantity) of a machine, equipment or production process (controlled object) automatically run according to a predetermined rule (control target) .

Automatic Control System:
Automatic control system refers to the use of some automatic control devices to automatically control some key parameters in production, so that when they deviate from the normal state due to external disturbances (disturbances), they can be automatically adjusted and returned to the process. within the required range of values. Various process conditions in the production process cannot be static.

Especially in chemical production, most of which are continuous production, and each equipment is related to each other. When the process conditions of one equipment change, it may cause some parameters in other equipment to fluctuate more or less, which deviates from the normal process. condition. Of course auto-regulation means that no direct human involvement is required. The automatic control system is a control system that can make the production process or other process proceed according to the expected law or predetermined program without the direct participation of no one.