What Is An Intelligent Inspection Robot

- manly

Intelligent inspection machines are now widely used in various special tasks, such as subway stations, or in some line inspection tasks or fixed-point tasks. But what exactly is an intelligent inspection robot?

The inspection robot uses a mobile robot as a carrier, a visible light camera, an infrared thermal imager, and other detection instruments as a load system, and a multi-field information fusion of machine vision-electromagnetic field-GPS-GIS as the robot’s autonomous movement and autonomous inspection The navigation system uses an embedded computer as the software and hardware development platform of the control system.

There are many types of inspection robots, one of which is the line inspection robot, which has obstacle detection, recognition and positioning, autonomous operation planning, autonomous obstacle crossing, autonomous inspection of transmission lines and their corridors, inspection images and data The robot body has functions such as automatic storage and remote wireless transmission, ground remote wireless monitoring and remote control, online real-time power supply, background inspection operation management, analysis and diagnosis.

The intelligent substation inspection robot integrates core technologies such as uncooled focal plane detectors, trackless laser navigation and positioning, infrared temperature measurement, intelligent meter reading, image recognition, etc., and performs all-weather inspections, data collection, and video monitoring of power transmission and transformation equipment , Temperature and humidity measurement, air pressure monitoring, etc., to improve the safe operation of equipment in the transmission and substation. In the event of an abnormal emergency, the intelligent inspection robot can be used as a mobile monitoring platform instead of manual labor to find out equipment failures in time, reducing personnel safety risks.

This kind of robot operation is actually very simple. The substation intelligent inspection system is divided into three layers as a whole, which are front-end equipment, transmission part and back-end control center.
Front-end equipment: Intelligent inspection robot  /  Charging room   /  Fixed monitoring points, etc.
Transmission part: composed of network switches, wireless bridges and other equipment, responsible for establishing network channels between the base station layer and the intelligent terminal layer
Back-end part: by the robot backstage, hard disk video recorder, hardware firewall and intelligent control and analysis software.

In addition, there is also an indoor guide rail type intelligent inspection robot.

The indoor guide rail type intelligent inspection robot system realizes automatic identification of switch cabinet infrared temperature measurement, partial discharge detection, cabinet surface and protection device signal status indication, etc., relay protection room protection screen cabinet pressure plate status, air switch position, current terminal status, The device signal light indication and the fully automatic identification reading of the digital display instrument. The system adopts the guide rail sliding touch power supply mode to realize 24 hours uninterrupted inspection, and it can also customize the cycle and equipment for special inspections. And this kind of robot is better to operate. It can not only allow operation and maintenance personnel to use AR real-world monitoring technology, but also use smart inspection technology to set the system and perform regular, repetitive, and multiple task executions.