Which Battery Is Used In Solar Street Light?

Solar street lights have been widely used because of their advantages such as low investment, long life, energy saving and environmental protection, convenience and safety, and long life.

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The feature of lithium iron phosphate battery

1. The lithium iron phosphate battery is small in size, light in weight, and easy to transport. Compared with the lithium battery energy storage system and lead-acid gel battery used in solar street lights with the same power, the weight and the volumeis about one-third. In this way, the transportation is easier and the transportation cost will drop naturally.

2.Solar street lights using lithium iron phosphate batteries are easy to install. When installing traditional solar street lights, it is necessary to reserve a battery pit. People usually use a buried box to put the battery in and seal it. The installation of lithium iron phosphate battery solar street lights is more convenient. The battery can be directly installed on the bracket, using hanging or built-in.

3.Lifepo4 battery street lights are easy to maintain. Lifepo4 battery street lights only need to take out the battery from the light pole or battery panel during maintenance, while traditional solar street lights need to dig out the buried battery during maintenance, which is more troublesome than lifepo4 battery street lights.

4.Lithium iron phosphate batteries have high energy density. The greater the energy density of the battery, the more electricity stored per unit weight or volume. Moreover, the service life of lithium iron phosphate batteries is longer. Under normal circumstances, the service life of batteries can reach 10-15 years, while lead-acid batteries is only 2-3 years.

About Manly Battery

MANLY is a comprehensive technology company, focusing on the research, development, production and sales of lithium batteries. Among them, the lifepo4 battery which we produce is perfectly suitable for solar street lights. Over the years, it has provided solutions for many customers in Europe, Africa, North America and so on. We provide 12V-48V voltage lifepo4 battery, 20Ah-300Ah capacity. Our company has mature solutions.Contact us for one stop solution.

Inbulit BMS System

Moreover, the lithium iron phosphate batteries produced by our company all have a built-in battery management system (Battery Management System). The BMS system has functions such as overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, overtemperature protection and battery balancing.

The BMS monitors the state of the battery and activates the protection function when needed. Prevent the battery from overcharging, overdischarging, overcurrent, short circuit and other problems, and prolong the service life of the battery.

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    In 2021, Greek customers bid for the solar street lamp project. Our company will provide technical support from the beginning of the project. According to the sunshine time, lighting time, power and other parameters, we will customize 12V 50Ah lifepo4 battery products for customers. Place an item order for 5000 sets.

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