Application and development trend of access control system

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1. Application of access control system

Application of Access Control System in Office Building

The installation of access control in the company can effectively prevent foreign salesmen and other miscellaneous personnel, ensure the safety of the company and employees’ property, and improve the corporate image. It can improve the work efficiency of the personnel department through the supporting attendance management software, and can flexibly arrange the company’s personnel level or part of the authority to open.

Application of access control system in government office
It can effectively regulate the office order, prevent illegal personnel from attacking government offices, and protect personal safety. Sometimes there are more and more foreign visitors in the office, and the access control system can prevent criminals from stealing information and property. The access control system can also control the access of management personnel under different circumstances through the function of timed tasks, such as the office hall of the Civil Affairs Bureau, the office hall of the Public Security Bureau, etc.

Application of Access Control System in Elevator Control

Connect the access control system with the elevator control, and only authorized users can use it: call the elevator, press the floor; many intelligent communities have been using related equipment more and more, and the control circuit is specially designed for elevator control, forming a proprietary elevator access control Control System.

2. Development trend of access control system

In recent years, due to the popularity of the Internet and smart mobile devices, the application of the Internet of Things in the field of access control has expanded rapidly. The concept of “smart home” began to gradually enter people’s field of vision. In the stage of diversified development, enterprises spared no effort to develop products with core competitiveness. The access control system not only has the basic function of controlling the entry and exit of personnel, but also began to Integrate with other systems, such as video surveillance, building intercom, WIFI probe, security prediction, emergency alarm and other functions. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of customers in different scenarios, major companies have begun to launch customized products and services. From popular access control needs, it has gradually evolved into access control solutions for specific industries.