Classification of access control systems

- manly

What is an access control system?

As the name implies, the access control system is a system for controlling the entrance and exit passages. It is developed on the basis of traditional door locks. Common access control systems include: password identification access control system, credit card identification access control system, biometric access control system, etc.

Password identification access control system:

Access rights are identified by verifying that the entered password is correct. Such products are further divided into two categories, one is ordinary type, and the other is out-of-order keyboard type (the numbers on the keyboard are not fixed and change automatically from time to time). The advantage of password identification is that it is easy to operate, no need to carry cards, and the cost is low. The disadvantage is that the security is poor and it is easy to leak, it can only be controlled in one direction, there is no record of opening the door, and the keys are easily damaged and malfunctioning.

Swipe card identification access control system:

According to the type of card, it can be divided into contact card access control system (magnetic stripe card, barcode card) and non-contact card (also called induction card, radio frequency card) access control system. For contact products, the cards used in contact are easy to wear, the information is easy to copy, and it is easy to be interrupted by external magnetic field interference. Contactless cards have the advantages of convenient use, strong durability, fast reading speed, and high security.

Biometric Access Control System:

Identify entry and exit by inspecting personnel biometrics, etc. There are fingerprint type, palm type, iris type, facial recognition type, finger vein type and so on. Its advantages are that it will not be lost or stolen, without the burden of remembering passwords, and it is safe and convenient. However, the stability and accuracy of biometric identification are still further improved, and the price of the products is higher than the previous two categories, and the applicable scenarios also have certain limitations.

New access control system:

In recent years, new forms of access control systems such as QR code, Bluetooth, and WIFI have emerged. After the resident has verified his identity through the mobile APP, he can use the mobile APP to open the door near the access control machine. At the same time, the resident can also generate a QR code image that authorizes the visitor to open the door and share it with the visitor. The visitor’s QR code is limited by the time and the number of times the door can be opened. .

After more than 20 years of development, the access control system has gradually become a complete access management system. With the continuous development of the security industry, traditional password identification and card identification have been unable to meet the market demand. The development and rise of the Internet of Things, cloud computing and intelligent mobile devices have prompted enterprises to develop new products and new technologies to gain a larger market space. and product profitability.