Intelligent temperature measurement robot, technology helps “anti-epidemic”

- manly

At present, the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia is still in a severe period, and the supporting role played by scientific and technological forces in epidemic prevention and control has received more and more attention, such as big data visualization, intelligent temperature measurement robots, telemedicine, etc. The high technology commonly used in the design of the pavilion, through their application, makes the “anti-epidemic” work easier and more orderly.

Different from the “SARS” epidemic a dozen years ago, the development of science and technology at that time was far less than it is now, and now technology “anti-epidemic” has gradually become mainstream, such as AI intelligent temperature measurement robots. In public places such as shopping malls, airports, subways, museums, planning halls, etc., traditional handheld convenient thermometers are inefficient, and at the same time, there is still the possibility of infection due to human contact. The AI ​​intelligent temperature measurement robot is like a loyal protector of the epidemic, which can completely avoid the shortcomings of traditional handheld thermometers. It can not only measure temperature, but also perform face recognition, route guidance, voice interaction, and intelligent question and answer. Through technologies such as “body recognition + portrait recognition + infrared sensing”, even if the audience wears masks to cover their faces, the corresponding crowd can be accurately locked, so as to effectively screen people suspected of high fever.

In this epidemic, technologies such as AI, 5G, telemedicine, and big data have been applied to front-line epidemic monitoring. Among them, the application of intelligent temperature measurement robots has greatly alleviated the contact safety problems and detection efficiency problems during the epidemic. Manly