Lithium Electric Scooter Battery 36v 4AH 4.4AH 8.8AH 10AH 10.4AH In-built Smart BMS Controller

Lithium Electric Scooter Battery 36V 48V

An electric scooter battery is a device that stores energy to power the electric scooter’s motor. It typically has a high energy density to provide adequate power while having a long service life and low maintenance requirements. Different types of electric scooters may use different battery specifications. At present, the most common ones are 36V 4AH/4,4AH/8.8AH/10AH/10.4AH. Other voltages and capacities can be customized according to specific requirements.

Product Description:

1. Model            Number: ML3604
2. Nominal        Capacity: 4Ah
3. Nominal          Voltage: 36V
4. MAX  Charge  Voltage: 42.5V
5. MAX  Charge  Current: 4A
6. Customization Support: Including voltage, capacity, current, size, appearance, etc.

Introduction Of Lithium Electric Scooter Battery 36V 48V

Power up your ride with the latest in energy efficiency and safety: our premium Lithium Electric Scooter Battery. Engineered with precision, our batteries are designed to enhance your travel experience, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting source of power for your electric scooter. Dive into a detailed look at what sets our Electric Scooter Battery apart:

Product Features:

  1. Enhanced Safety: Equipped with a fuse for added safety, ensuring your rides are safe and secure.
  2. Quality Components: Our Battery Protection Board utilizes IC brands like Texas Instruments and Seiko, synonymous with reliability and performance.

Performance and Durability:

  • Low Self-Discharge: Enjoy a minimal 2.5% self-discharge rate per month at 77℉/25℃, keeping over two-thirds of its charge even after a year of storage.
  • Optimal Operating Temperatures: Thrive in temperatures ranging from -20°F to +150°F with performance maintained down to -20°F. Our batteries are designed for the most rugged and harsh environments, significantly outperforming standard SLA or other lithium batteries.
  • Longevity: Boasting a lifespan of over 8000 cycles, our batteries promise longevity and reliability.
  • Protection Features: Comprehensive safeguards including short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, and a balanced circuit to ensure stable performance.
  • Certifications: Our batteries come with a suite of certifications like UN38.3, IEC62133, UL, and CE, ensuring quality and safety.

Comparison Table:

Feature MANLY Electric Scooter Battery Other Brand’s Battery
Safety Features Fuse, Texas Instruments & Seiko ICs Unknown Brand fuse and ICs
Self-Discharge Rate 2.5% per month 3-5% per month
Operating Temperature -20°F to +150°F Less Range
Lifespan Over 8000 cycles 3000-5000 cycles
Certifications UN38.3, IEC62133, UL, CE Fewer

Don’t settle for less when it comes to powering your electric scooter. Choose reliability, safety, and efficiency with our Lithium Electric Scooter Battery. Elevate your journey with our Electric Scooter Battery – click to buy now and experience the difference! Visit our electric vehicle battery category today to learn more and make the switch to superior power. 

36V electric scooter battery is a battery for electric scooters with the following characteristics:

  1.  The voltage is 36V, providing power for the electric scooter.
  2. The battery capacity is usually small to meet the needs of lightness and portability of electric scooters.
  3. The battery may be a lithium-ion battery, which has higher energy density and longer service life.
  4. The battery may have a charge protection function to prevent overcharging and over-discharging.

It should be noted that different types of electric scooters may use batteries of different specifications, so attention should be paid to the correct use and maintenance of the battery during use.

Why choose MANLY:

  1. 36 months longer warranty time
  2. OEM/ODM custom is acceptable without MOQ Request
  3. Made of industrial Grade original MANLY factory lifepo4 battery cell with Factory price
  4. With advanced smart BMS (Battery Management System)
Packing & Delivery:


1) Carton box -pallet container.

2) Packaging also can be customized to customers’ requirements.


1) Shipping time for news samples is 15-20 working days; mass production is 10~20 working days – since the deposit was received and samples confirmed.

2) Sample order is supposed to be shipped by DHL, UPS, FedEx, or TNT, mass order is suggested to ship by sea, we could supply forwarder service if you need.

Our Services:

OEM & ODM can customize according to your request :
  1. Battery voltage, capacity, and dimension.
  2. BMS charging and discharging current.
  3. Connector, case, and wire.
  4. Your own logo eg: silk print.
After-sales service is available :
  1. Respond in 24 hours to any inquiry on our product.
  2. Take action quickly for a normal customer’s claim within 12 hours.
  3. Good after-sales service: We offer 3 years quality warranty for lifepo4 batteries 12.8V 20Ah/50Ah/100Ah/200Ah/500Ah/1000Ah/…
  4. One by one tested before shipment.


1: Is MANLY Battery a trading company or factory?

R: MANLY is a company with its own factory, which integrates research, development, production, and sales.

2: How about the quality of MANLY’s LiFePo4 Battery product?

R: MANLY has 12+ years of experience in lifepo4 battery, and is also the authorized supplier of Siemens and BOSCH.

3: Can you do an OEM/ODM project?

R: Yes, we have engineers who can help you design and R&D any related products.

4: What’s your MOQ?

R: According to your battery voltage and capacity.

5: What payment terms we can accept?

R: TT/Paypal/West Union/etc.

Remark: Our products are customized, so the main data can be changed by customer’s requirements.

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