The 10 Best Portable Power Stations of 2024

Imagine you’re deep in the woods or high on a mountain, far from any power outlet. Or perhaps you’re at a big family picnic in the park, with no way to charge all the phones, cameras, and speakers you’ve brought along. This is where the magic of portable power stations comes into play. These handy devices are your go-to solution for keeping everything powered up, no matter where you are.

Portable power stations are like big batteries that you can take anywhere. They’re perfect for outdoor adventures, such as camping, or for times when the power goes out at home. Unlike noisy fuel generators, these power stations are quiet and don’t need gasoline to run, making them both cheaper to use and better for the environment. Plus, they last much longer than the battery in your laptop or phone, so you won’t have to worry about running out of juice.

These power stations are packed with outlets for plugging in almost anything, from lamps and laptops to phones and speakers. And with USB ports included, charging your devices is as easy as plugging them in, just like at home. Before you head out, you’ll need to charge up your power station. Once it’s fully powered, it’s ready to keep all your gadgets charged and ready to go.

With so many different power stations out there, made by companies like MANLY Battery, EcoFlow, Bluetti, Ugreen, and Anker, it might seem hard to pick the best one. That’s why our team of experts has tested many models to find the best ones for you. We looked at how long they last, how many devices you can plug in, and how easy they are to carry around. We even checked how long they take to charge up and how well they work, so you can choose the perfect power station for your next adventure or emergency kit.

Understanding Portable Power Stations

Have you ever wondered how you can keep your gadgets running when there’s no power outlet around? Whether you’re camping under the stars or preparing for an unexpected power outage at home, portable power stations are here to save the day. Let’s dive into what these devices are and how they’re different from traditional generators, making sure everything is easy to understand.

What is a Portable Power Station?

A portable power station is like a big, rechargeable battery that you can take anywhere. It stores energy in its battery cells, which can then be used to power up various devices. Think of it as a super-powerful power bank that can handle much more than just your smartphone. These stations are designed to be lightweight, have a high capacity for storing power, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They’re perfect for providing electricity to gadgets during camping trips, emergencies, or any time you’re away from a regular power source.

How Do They Differ from Generators?

  1. Power Source: While generators typically run on gasoline, emitting noise and fumes, portable power stations are all about clean energy. They’re battery-operated, meaning they’re quieter and more eco-friendly. Plus, you can charge them up using solar panels, making them a renewable energy solution.
  2. Noise and Safety: Portable power stations operate silently, so you won’t disturb the peace of the great outdoors or your neighbors. They’re also safe to use inside since they don’t produce any harmful emissions, unlike gasoline generators that can’t be used indoors due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  3. Maintenance: Keeping a portable power station in top shape is much simpler. They just need a charge every six months to keep the battery healthy, and they should be stored in a cool, dry place. Generators, on the other hand, require more complex maintenance, like draining gasoline if not used for a long time to prevent clogs.
  4. Versatility and Convenience: These power stations are equipped to handle a wide range of devices thanks to their multiple output options, including AC and DC ports. They can power everything from your phone and laptop to larger appliances, depending on their capacity. And, they’re easy to carry around, making them the best portable generator for camping, emergencies, and home backup.

In short, portable power stations are a modern, convenient solution for keeping your devices powered up without the drawbacks of traditional generators. They represent a leap towards cleaner, more user-friendly energy solutions, perfect for both adventure seekers and those looking to ensure they have a reliable emergency power source at home.

Features to Consider When Buying a Portable Power Station

Choosing the right portable power station can feel like picking the best candy in a candy store—there are so many options, and they all seem great! But not all power stations will be the perfect fit for your adventures or emergencies. Here are some key features to help you pick the best one for your needs, explained in a way that’s easy to understand.

1. Power Capacity

Think of power capacity like the size of a power station’s “energy tank.” The bigger the tank, the more electricity it can store and the more gadgets you can power up. But remember, the larger the capacity, often the higher the price. It’s like having a bigger backpack; you can carry more, but it might be heavier. So, if you’re someone who loves camping or needs power during outages, check how much power your devices need and choose a power station that matches your biggest needs without going overboard.

2. Variety of Ports

Imagine needing to charge your phone, laptop, and maybe even plug in a small fridge while camping. Power stations come with different types of ports (like USB for phones, AC outlets for bigger gadgets, and even special ports for things like coffee makers). The more types of ports it has, the more kinds of devices you can charge at the same time.

3. Charging Speed

Nobody likes waiting ages for their devices to charge, right? Some power stations have a feature called “fast charging” for both the station itself and the devices you plug into it. This means you won’t have to wait too long to get things powered up. Fast charging is super handy, especially if you’re on the go or in a hurry.

4. How It Charges Up

Most power stations get their energy from being plugged into the wall, but some can also charge up from the sun with solar panels, or even from your car. Having more ways to charge it means you can keep it powered up no matter where you are.

5. Can You Control It With Your Phone?

Some high-tech power stations let you check how much power they have left or even turn them on and off with an app on your phone. This is really convenient if you want to manage your power station without always having to physically touch it.

6. Safety

Safety is super important. You want a power station that protects itself and your devices from things like overheating or short circuits. Good power stations have built-in safety features to keep everything running smoothly and safely.

7. Brand and Battery Type

Going with a well-known brand is usually a good idea because they’re more likely to be reliable and safe. And when it comes to what’s inside the power station (the battery), there are mainly two types: lithium-ion and lithium iron phosphate. Each has its pros and cons, like how they handle temperature or how long they last. For outdoor use, many people prefer lithium iron phosphate because it’s safer and lasts longer.

8. Size and Weight

Finally, think about how easy it is to carry your power station around. If you’re planning to take it camping, you probably don’t want something super heavy. On the other hand, if it’s mainly for home backup, size might not be as big of a deal.

The 10 Best Portable Power Stations of 2024

Finding the perfect portable power station can make your outdoor adventures, emergency situations, or home backup needs much easier to manage. Here’s a list of the top 10 power stations for 2024, with features that stand out in the crowd. Each one has unique qualities, whether you’re looking for something heavy-duty for camping or a reliable backup for your home.

300w portable power supply 4 - manly

1. MANLY 300W Portable Power Supply

After thoroughly testing the MANLY 300W Portable Power Supply, it’s clear this unit deserves a spot in the ranks of notable portable power stations for its versatility, design, and efficiency. Here’s a deep dive into my experience with the MANLY 300W and how it stands up to its claims and competition.

Design and Portability

Right out of the box, the MANLY 300W impresses with its sleek, compact design. Its dimensions make it an ideal companion for camping trips, outdoor excursions, or just for keeping around the house for emergency backup power. Unlike the bulkier PowerHouse 767 or Jackery 2000 Plus, the MANLY 300W is significantly lighter, making it incredibly easy to carry around without feeling weighed down.

Power Capacity and Charging Options

Despite its small stature, the MANLY 300W packs a punch with a 300-watt output capability and multiple charging ports, including USB-A, USB-C, and an AC outlet, providing ample versatility for charging a variety of devices. While it doesn’t boast the massive storage capacity of the PowerHouse 767 or the solar charging prowess of the BougeRV Flash 300, it efficiently meets the needs for light to medium power requirements, charging everything from smartphones to laptops without breaking a sweat.

User Experience

The user interface of the MANLY 300W is intuitive and straightforward, featuring a clear display that indicates battery levels, input/output rates, and estimated runtime. This level of transparency in power usage is particularly helpful in managing devices’ charging times and planning for extended off-grid use. In my testing, the power station lived up to its promise, maintaining a stable power output and recharging efficiently via wall outlet within a few hours.

Build Quality

The build quality of the MANLY 300W is solid, with a durable casing that feels robust enough to handle the occasional bump or drop. While it lacks the one-piece construction and fire resistance of the PowerHouse 767, it feels well-made and reliable for everyday use and typical outdoor conditions.

Performance Testing

In practical tests, the MANLY 300W handled a consistent load of charging multiple devices simultaneously with ease. It powered a small camping fan, charged a smartphone, and even ran a laptop all without faltering. Although it doesn’t feature the high-capacity inverter of the Jackery 2000 Plus for heavy-duty appliances, it’s perfectly suited for the power needs of the average user or small family on the go.

Final Thoughts

The MANLY 300W Portable Power Supply stands out for its compact size, reliable power output, and thoughtful design. While it may not cater to users with high power consumption needs or those looking for advanced solar charging capabilities, it strikes an excellent balance between portability, power, and price. For campers, road trippers, or anyone in need of a lightweight, dependable power source, the MANLY 300W is a worthy contender. Its ease of use, combined with solid performance, makes it a recommended choice for those prioritizing convenience and efficiency in their portable power solutions.

Powerhouse 767 - manly

2. PowerHouse 767

The PowerHouse 767 dazzles with its robust design, featuring an eye-catching black and blue color scheme that’s not just about looks—it’s built to last. Its one-piece construction is designed to resist impacts, vibrations, and even fire, ensuring durability in the harshest conditions. The addition of silent wheels and a telescoping handle transforms portability, making it less of a chore to move compared to traditional carrying methods.

With a massive storage capacity of 2048Wh—equivalent to two units of electricity—this unit is powered by high-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries. These batteries are known for their exceptional cycle life, reaching up to 3000 cycles, with a potential operational lifespan extending to a decade under normal household use. It comes equipped with four AC outlets for 120V pure sine wave output, with a peak power capability of 2400W, capable of running everything from household appliances and digital gadgets to power tools and medical devices. Fast charging is taken care of by three 100W USB-C PD ports and two USB-A ports, alongside two 12V car cigarette lighter ports and a high-capacity TT-30R plug for varied power needs. Remarkably, it can recharge to 80% in just 1.4 hours with a 1440W input and supports solar charging up to 1000W, ensuring you’re quickly back to full power.

Jackery 2000 plus - manly

3. Jackery 2000 Plus

The Jackery 2000 Plus makes a significant leap forward with its transition to lithium iron phosphate (LiPo) batteries, enhancing both size and longevity compared to the nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) batteries of its predecessor. This shift not only increases the unit’s physical dimensions but also greatly extends its lifespan, thanks to the robustness of LiPo batteries.

Offering an initial capacity of 2042 Watt-hours, the 2000 Plus can be expanded significantly with additional battery packs, making it ideal for more substantial power requirements or prolonged use periods. Despite being heavier and larger than the 2000 Pro, its design incorporates a telescopic handle and wheels, enhancing its mobility.

Performance-wise, the 2000 Plus shines with an output of 3 kilowatts and a surge capacity of up to 6 kilowatts, surpassing the 2.2 kilowatts (4.4 kilowatts surge) capability of its predecessor and making it more adept at managing heavier electrical loads. Solar charging is supported up to 1.2 kilowatts, allowing for quick recharging in around three hours in optimal sunlight. The inclusion of a smartphone app for monitoring and control adds a layer of convenience in managing power usage and settings. Its efficacy is proven through practical tests, such as boiling water with a 3kW kettle, showcasing its ability to support high-demand appliances smoothly. Moreover, its cooling system operates quietly, ensuring tranquility even under significant load. Demonstrations of simultaneous solar and mains charging highlight its flexible power input options, presenting the Jackery 2000 Plus as a versatile and reliable power solution for a wide range of applications.

Both the PowerHouse 767 and Jackery 2000 Plus embody the pinnacle of portable power station innovation, offering unmatched reliability, efficiency, and versatility to meet the growing demand for off-grid electricity solutions. Whether it’s for outdoor adventures, emergency power, or as the best home battery backup, these power stations ensure you’re never left in the dark.

Bougerv flash 300 - manly

4. BougeRV Flash 300

The BougeRV Flash 300 impresses with its remarkable solar charging capabilities, accepting up to 600 watts to ensure fast recharging. Its integrated AC charging functionality, also at 600 watts, negates the need for bulky external power bricks, streamlining the recharge process. Despite its modest dimensions, the Flash 300 houses a 600-watt pure sine wave inverter, powerful enough to support larger appliances, making it an ideal companion for camping and emergency power needs.

It stands out for its diverse charging outputs, including a wireless charging pad, USB-C PD with 100 watts of bi-directional charging, and USB-A ports, offering flexibility for charging a wide range of devices. The design is thoughtfully executed with integrated handles, a clear display indicating power metrics, and a dual LED light system for adjustable illumination.

However, the Flash 300 is not without its drawbacks. Its price point is slightly higher than some might hope for, potentially affecting its cost efficiency. The use of lithium-ion (NMC) batteries may limit the number of charge cycles it can sustain over its lifespan. Additionally, its auto shutoff feature, while energy-saving, may prove inconvenient for users requiring continuous power without load detection.

Overall, the BougeRV Flash 300 scores an 8 out of 10 for its rapid charging, versatile outputs, and quality inverter, despite its higher cost and certain limitations related to battery chemistry and functionality.

Bluetti ac70 - manly

5. Bluetti AC70

Unveiled with anticipation by the reviewer “Ramblin’ Bob,” the Bluetti AC70 is introduced as a beefed-up successor to a smaller model, hinting at its enhanced capabilities and size. Right from its unboxing, the AC70 commands attention with its neat, professional appearance, devoid of frivolous features like wireless charging, yet maintaining a sleek, functional design that Bluetti is known for.

Key highlights include a 100-watt USB-C port and a user-friendly interface, with the absence of a screen protective film humorously noted. Weighing in at approximately 25 lbs and boasting a capacity of 768 watt-hours, the AC70 is poised as a formidable player in the portable power station arena.

The build quality extends to its accessories, with sturdy cables and a notable XT60 port for easy connection, emphasizing the attention to detail and quality that Bluetti brings to its products. The personal touch of receiving a branded multimeter further solidifies Ramblin’ Bob’s fondness for the brand.

In initial impressions, the Bluetti AC70 garners positive acclaim for its aesthetic, build quality, and thoughtful features. While a comprehensive performance review is pending, the enthusiasm and preference for Bluetti’s offering are palpable, setting the stage for a deeper dive into its operational prowess.

Both the BougeRV Flash 300 and Bluetti AC70 represent the pinnacle of what modern portable power stations offer: reliability, versatility, and the freedom to power your devices wherever life takes you. Whether for outdoor adventures, emergency backup, or daily use, these power stations stand ready to meet the challenge.

Ecoflow delta 1300 - manly

6. EcoFlow DELTA 1300

The EcoFlow DELTA 1300 distinguishes itself with an impressively quick recharge time, taking roughly 90 minutes from a standard wall outlet to reach full capacity. This fast recharge capability is a standout feature, eclipsing many of its rivals in the portable power station arena.

This device doesn’t skimp on charging versatility, providing users with three options: solar, AC wall outlet, and a 12-volt vehicle input. It particularly excels with solar charging, accepting 10 to 65 volts up to 400 watts. Its lithium-ion battery, boasting 1260 watt-hours and rated for 800 cycles to 60% capacity, underlines its longevity and reliability, although it should be noted that discharge testing yielded about 77% of its advertised capacity, marking the lowest result encountered by our tester.

Equipped with a user-friendly display, the DELTA 1300 reveals charge and discharge times, power input and output, and estimated runtimes, ensuring users are well-informed. Connectivity options are abundant, with six AC outlets, a 12-volt socket, four USB ports including quick charge and USB-C, catering to a wide array of devices. Its inverter’s ability to handle up to 2000 watts for brief periods, maintaining pure sine wave output under heavy loads, was particularly lauded.

While the DELTA 1300 shines in many respects, potential users should temper their capacity expectations, given its actual discharge performance. Nevertheless, its rapid recharge feature and solid inverter efficiency present it as a formidable choice in the portable power station market.

Biolite basecharge 1500 - manly

7. BioLite BaseCharge 1500

The BioLite BaseCharge 1500 emerges as a beacon of usability, reliability, and safety in off-grid settings. It packs a 1521 watt-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery, rigorously tested for safety and monitored by a comprehensive 12-point checkpoint system. This meticulous approach to safety empowers users to power a diverse device network confidently.

It prides itself on versatility, ready to serve a broad spectrum of energy needs with AC, DC, USB-A, USB-C, and high-speed USB CPD outputs, including a convenient wireless charging feature. The Easy Read Smart Display offers real-time insights into the power station’s status, an advanced message center for system notifications, and an energy odometer to help users manage their power consumption effectively.

For recharging, the BaseCharge 1500 accommodates both standard wall outlets and USB CPD, with the option to combine inputs for expedited charging. Additionally, it’s compatible with the Solar Panel 100 series, enabling users to set up a silent, fume-free solar generator system complete with MPPT for enhanced solar efficiency, capturing up to 30% more power under varying conditions.

Both the EcoFlow DELTA 1300 and BioLite BaseCharge 1500 exemplify the pinnacle of portable power solutions, offering cutting-edge technology, diverse charging options, and significant capacities to meet the demands of modern users. Whether for camping, emergency backup, or as the best home battery backup, these power stations ensure you’re prepared for any situation, providing peace of mind with their reliable and efficient energy storage and delivery systems.

Renogy phoenix 200 - manly

8. Renogy Phoenix 200

The Renogy Phoenix 200 shines with its emphasis on portability, being notably more compact and lighter than many of its competitors, such as the Blue Eddy AC50S. This model is lauded for its multiple charging options, including the innovative ability to be charged via a USB-C port. Additionally, it allows for an expedited charging process by combining wall and USB-C power sources.Equipped with a clear, easy-to-read display, the Phoenix 200 informs users of battery levels, power input/output, and estimated runtime, enhancing usability. For connectivity, it features two USB-A ports, a 12-volt outlet, and dual AC 110 outlets, covering a wide range of device charging needs. It’s also solar-compatible, designed to work with up to a 200-watt panel but optimized to draw only 60 watts to avoid overcharging.

Pros include the strategic placement of all ports on one side for easy access in constrained spaces and the detailed display offering crucial information at a glance. Its readiness for solar charging adds versatility for off-grid adventures. However, it’s not without its flaws, such as minor design oversights and the absence of a wireless charging pad, which would have added convenience for cable-free device charging.

A reviewer sees the Phoenix 200 as perfectly suited for powering devices in a tent or during brief excursions, where a larger, more cumbersome power station would be unnecessary. While not ideal for powering high-demand appliances over long durations, its portability and range of features render it an excellent choice for those seeking a lightweight, versatile power solution.

Deeno x1500 - manly

9. Deeno X1500

The Deeno X1500 is heralded for its substantial power output of 1500 watts and a 1Kw battery capacity, all packed into a unit weighing just 32 pounds. It’s crafted for simplicity and ease of transport, making it a prime choice for those requiring off-grid power without the bulk.

The solar panel of the X1500 draws comparisons to Anker’s designs, with convenient handles and kickstands for optimal positioning. Even under less-than-ideal conditions, it impresses with up to 185 watts of power, rivaling other 200-watt panels on the market. The power station itself boasts a lightweight design with spring-loaded handles for easy carrying and an impressive 1500 watt inverter that stands out for its size and price.

Performance-wise, the solar panel is straightforward to set up and efficiently generates power. The power station’s portability and high-capacity inverter are highlighted as key benefits, offering a reliable source of power wherever it’s needed.

While the review acknowledges some difficulties in stabilizing the solar panel on slick surfaces due to its kickstand design, the overall assessment is positive. The Deeno X1500 is praised for its combination of portability, significant power output, and user-friendly features, making it a recommended option for those in search of a potent yet portable power station.

Both the Renogy Phoenix 200 and Deeno X1500 exemplify the advancements in portable power technology, offering solutions that blend power, portability, and practicality. Whether for camping, emergencies, or as a best home battery backup, these power stations are equipped to meet a broad spectrum of energy needs, ensuring you remain powered up in any situation.

Goal zero yeti 500x  - manly

10. Goal Zero Yeti 500X

The Yeti 500X is commended for its compactness and versatility, capable of energizing everything from small gadgets to power-intensive laptops. It represents a perfect solution for those requiring power without the inconvenience of traditional generators. Its multiple charging avenues, including USB ports, a 12-volt car port, and compatibility with solar panels, underscore its adaptability. Charging can be accomplished through the included 60-watt power adapter, an optional more robust 120-watt charger, or solar panels like the Nomad 50, offering flexibility in recharge times.

Its construction is noted for durability and user-centric design, boasting an LCD display for real-time power monitoring and a comfortably gripped wide handle for transport ease. This power station shines for individuals on the road, in RVs, working remotely, or needing a reliable backup power source during emergencies. It’s particularly highlighted for contributing to sustainable travel and outdoor activities, making it a recommended pick for those valuing portability, power, and quality build.

Using and Maintaining Your Portable Power Station

Having a portable power station can be super helpful whether you’re camping, having fun outside, or need a backup power source at home. To make sure your power station works well and lasts a long time, here are some easy tips to follow:

Safety First:When using your portable power station, it’s important to keep it safe. Make sure not to use it too much until it’s all out of battery or charge it too much, as this can make the battery get old faster, break, or even cause dangerous situations like exploding.

The Right Place:Your power station likes to be in a spot that’s dry, has lots of air moving around, is clean, and isn’t too hot or too cold. This helps it work its best and can make it last longer.

Keeping It Clean and Checked:Just like a pet or a plant, your power station needs some care to keep doing its job well. This means cleaning it, especially if it has solar panels that get dirty, and checking the battery to make sure it’s okay. Doing these things can help it keep working smoothly for a long time.

Watching the Battery:Plan how you use your power station’s battery and how you charge it to make sure it can power all your things when you’re outside. This means knowing how much battery you have and picking the best way to charge it, like using solar panels or plugging it in, so you always have the power you need.

By following these simple tips, you can enjoy using your portable power station for all your adventures or when you need a backup at home. Remember, taking good care of your power station means it’ll be ready to help you when you need it the most!


Portable power stations are super cool tools that can help you in lots of ways. Whether you’re going on an adventure in the woods, having fun in your backyard, or just need a backup when the lights go out at home, these power stations are there to keep your gadgets running. We talked about how to pick the best one for you, looking at things like how much power they can store, how easy they are to carry around, and what kind of stuff they can charge up.We also learned that it’s important to keep your power station safe and happy. This means not letting it get too tired (by using all its battery) or too full (by overcharging it). You should keep it in a place that’s not too hot or too cold and make sure it’s clean and gets checked once in a while. And remember, plan how you’re going to use its power so you don’t run out when you really need it.

So, whether you need a battery operated generator for camping, the best portable generator for outdoor fun, or just the best home battery backup for emergencies, there’s a portable power station out there that’s perfect for you. Take good care of it, and it will take good care of you, making sure you’ve got power whenever and wherever you need it. Happy powering!

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