The concept and classification of power tools

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The concept and classification of power tools:
A tool that is held and operated by hand, uses a low-power motor or electromagnet as a power, and drives the work head through a transmission mechanism is called a power tool.
Its classification is generally divided into three categories according to the corresponding working materials: masonry tools, metalworking tools, and woodworking tools. With the popularity of power tools and the increase of cross-work types, many tools no longer simply work on one material, but are generally marked with their most important and common working conditions.
Some notes for power tools:

1. The main safety protection is required during the use of power tools. Safety protection includes: goggles, helmets, masks (gas masks), earplugs, gloves (wire type gloves are not allowed for rotating tools), protective clothing, insulating shoes, etc. And before using the tool, read the product manual or use it under the guidance of skilled workers. Unless otherwise specified, power tools require two-hand operation.

2. Hand-held power tools (Class II power tools) have double insulation protection, namely basic insulation and reinforced insulation, which are represented by the word “back”. During the working process, keep the power cord intact, otherwise there will be danger of leakage. Do not use in damp, underwater, flammable and explosive places.

3. The electric tool uses a series motor as the motor, and the motor consists of a rotor, a stator and a carbon brush. It is easy to cause the motor to burn out under overload conditions.

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