Benefits of Electric Wheelchairs

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The electric wheelchair is based on the traditional hand-push wheelchair, and is equipped with high-performance power drive device (motor), intelligent control system, battery, electromagnetic brake and other components, and is transformed and upgraded. The electric wheelchair has an artificial intelligence control system, which can make the wheelchair complete various functions such as forward, backward, steering, standing, lying down, etc. through simple operations; the new generation of intelligent electric wheelchair is a modern precision machinery, intelligent numerical control technology, engineering mechanics High-tech products combined with other fields.

Different from traditional electric tricycles, electric vehicles, bicycles and other means of transportation, electric wheelchairs have an intelligent control system. Elderly and disabled people with limited mobility can travel freely as long as they are conscious. In today’s aging society, electric wheelchairs have become an indispensable means of transportation for the elderly and disabled people with limited mobility. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of portable foldable lithium battery electric wheelchairs and portable lithium battery scooters has better satisfied the dreams of the elderly and disabled friends to travel.

Advantages of electric wheelchairs:
1. Wide audience

The elderly are all potential consumers of electric wheelchairs. Compared with traditional wheelchairs, the powerful functions of electric wheelchairs are not only suitable for the elderly and infirm, but also for severely disabled patients. Smooth and safe driving, slow and adjustable speed, and intelligent electromagnetic brakes are the unique advantages of electric wheelchairs. All safety settings and smart devices of electric wheelchairs are specially designed for the elderly and disabled;

2. Convenience

The traditional hand-push wheelchair must rely on manpower to move forward. If there is no one around to take care of it, it is very difficult to travel alone. The electric wheelchair is different. The elderly and disabled people with limited mobility can drive the electric wheelchair to travel by themselves, which greatly improves the mobility of the disabled. Self-care ability, expanding their scope of action and communication circle, are of great benefit to their mental and physical health;

3. Environmental protection

Electric wheelchair adopts electric drive, zero emission, no pollution, and the most environmentally friendly;

4. Safety

The electric wheelchair control technology is very mature, and the brake equipment on the body can only be mass-produced after being tested and qualified by professional equipment for many times. The probability of losing control of the electric wheelchair is close to zero; the equipment such as slow speed, anti-backward tilting device, universal drive, intelligent electromagnetic brake, etc., ensures that the electric wheelchair does not roll over or roll backwards and other safety hazards;

5. Enhance self-care ability

Use an electric wheelchair to enhance self-care ability. Shopping for groceries, visiting parks, supermarkets, traveling, and other things that used to be served by others, can be done by yourself with an electric wheelchair. It not only saves the cost of care and labor, but also better realizes their life value. Their psychology no longer feels that it is the “drag” of their family members, and their mood will be more comfortable!