Huawei’s Breakthrough in Luxury Cars Market

According to the latest April data, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in China has officially exceeded 50%. More noteworthy is that the pattern of China’s high-end segmented new energy market is also being rewritten. In the second week of April 2024 (from April 8th to April 14th), the weekly sales of the Wenjie M9 reached 2635 units, surpassing BBA and firmly ranking first in the sales of luxury models with an average price of over 500000 yuan in the Chinese market. On April 11th, Huawei Richard Yu stated at the HarmonyOS Spring Communication Conference that the cumulative sales volume of the Wenjie M9 exceeded 70000 units in the three months since its launch.

As is well known, the main selling models of Chinese brand cars are mainly priced below 200000 yuan, and the high-end luxury car market is still mainly dominated by foreign brands such as BBA and Tesla. With the current hot sales of the Wenjie M9, this means that Chinese car brands have an important place in the luxury car market of over 500000 yuan.

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Crushing traditional luxury with excellent technology

In fact, since its release in December 2023, the WENJIE M9 has been able to firmly occupy a leading position in the high-end market thanks to its excellent technical strength. Under Huawei’s all-round empowerment, the first flagship SUV under the Harmony lntelligent Mobility Alliance, the Wenjie M9, is equipped with Huawei’s full stack intelligent car technology solution. Huawei’s top ten intelligent car black technologies are fully launched, surpassing traditional luxury with superior luxury and intelligent experience. Including a fully equipped Hongmeng cockpit with ten screens, HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving assistance system, Touling intelligent chassis, Huawei Giant Whale 800V high-voltage electric platform, etc.

As a full-size flagship SUV, the WENJIE M9 measures 5230 x 1999 x 1800mm in length, width, and height, with a wheelbase of 3110mm. The new car is built on the industry-leading new luxury D-class platform, and through targeted optimization of core components such as the power battery pack, chassis suspension, and range extender, it achieves ultimate handling, safety, and also brings greater room for improvement. The total space of the front, middle, and rear seats in the cabin of the Wenjie M9 reaches 2725mm, far exceeding traditional luxury full-size SUVs such as the BMW X7 and Mercedes Benz GLS. Thanks to the advantage of the world’s largest integrated die-casting body, the WENJIE M9 has also enabled SUVs to achieve the same pure flat floor as MPVs for the first time, with three rows of entry and exit without steps, solving the pain point of traditional SUV third row “small benches”.

The Wenjie M9 is fully equipped with 10 screens, which can meet the needs of driving, entertainment, and work in all scenarios at any time. Combined with the new HarmonyOS 4, it brings a revolutionary cabin experience. In addition, the all-new HUAWEI SOUND Excellence series features flagship hardware configuration, combined with leading technology and algorithms, making sound more than just listening.

In terms of chassis, the Wenjie M9 is equipped with Huawei’s self-developed new Touling intelligent chassis, based on the HUAWEI iDVP intelligent car digital platform. Through a multimodal fusion perception system, HUAWEI DATS dynamic adaptive torque system, and HUAWEI xMotion intelligent body collaborative control system, the mechanical quality is maximized through AI and software capabilities, improving the driving performance of the vehicle in various working conditions. The Wenjie M9 is equipped with a closed air suspension as standard across the entire series, which is used in conjunction with the built-in compressed air tank. It has significant advantages in response speed, stability, and energy consumption compared to the open design. The height adjustment is 30% faster, and power consumption can be reduced by nearly 50%.

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The Wenjie M9 pure electric version is based on the new HUAWEI DriveONE 800V high-voltage silicon carbide platform, using a world-class 800V high-voltage SiC four-wheel drive combination of front AC asynchronous motor and rear permanent magnet synchronous motor. The maximum motor speed can reach the industry’s highest production of 22000 rpm, which is a ceiling level presence in the industry. The maximum power of the Wenjie M9 can reach 390kW, and the pure electric four-wheel drive version can accelerate to 100 km/h in just 4.3 seconds. The Wenjie M9 is equipped with the industry’s thinnest 800V battery pack, with a CLTC range of up to 630km and a comprehensive power consumption of 17.4kW/h, achieving the lowest power consumption among vehicles in the same class.

Safety is truly luxury. The Wenjie M9 ultra strong Xuanwu body adopts extremely strict design standards, combined with the highest level of battery, cabin, privacy and safety protection, bringing more than one generation of leading hardcore safety. And the first Huawei intelligent car lighting technology, such as the HUAWEI ARHUD Huawei Frontier Head Up Display System and HUAWEI XPIXEL Huawei Million Pixel Smart Projection Headlights, has been launched by the WENJIE M9, helping intelligent safety enter the era of light display.

The strongest OTA in the industry

In the era of smart cars, the Harmony lntelligent Mobility Alliance, which has the strongest OTA capability in the industry, is constantly evolving and iterating to meet or even exceed user needs, leading the way in exceeding luxury.

The Wenjie M9 has comprehensively upgraded the HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, which, based on the GOD network and RCR 2.0 network, jointly achieves a high-level intelligent driving experience of being able to understand the road and things, and can be driven nationwide, with better driving experience.

HUAWEI ADS 2.0 does not rely on high-precision maps, and can be used not only on highways, elevated roads, and expressways, but also on urban roads in cities and towns of all sizes. Support all urban roads (main roads/secondary roads/branch roads, etc.), national roads, county roads, township roads, and other public roads, with available road sections up to 99%. Make sure to avoid pedestrians in a timely manner when encountering irregular obstacles and zebra crossings, and anticipate the scene of mixed traffic in advance, making decisive decisions like an experienced driver.

The use of lane cruise control (LCC) with ultra-high frequency is strongly enhanced. Now the enhanced LCC can also recognize traffic lights! Vehicles can autonomously “observe” traffic lights at intersections, slow down and brake when encountering red lights, and pass steadily after the green light is on, reducing compaction and accidental red light crossing behavior.

HUAWEI ADS 2.0 also achieved the strongest AEB in history. When facing stationary vehicles and pedestrians, the maximum automatic braking speed can reach 120km/h. The first ESA emergency steering assist system automatically controls the steering assist driver to avoid collisions. The backward active safety capability is further enhanced, and even if the accelerator is accidentally pressed, it will brake.

The Wenjie M9 also has the strongest parking capability in the industry. On the basis of visible parking, it supports automatic roaming of vehicles to find parking spaces, autonomous vehicle finding of people, and supports customized parking spaces and reverse tracking. Valet Parking Assist (AVP), which only requires a complete walk to the parking lot to remember all parking spaces. When entering the parking lot again, you can park in the target parking space with just one click.

Xiangjie S9 makes its debut

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The Harmony lntelligent Mobility Alliance, which will be showcased at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, will not only showcase its flagship SUV, the Wenjie M9, but also launch another pure electric C-class luxury executive sedan, the Xiangjie S9, which may cost around 500000 yuan and will directly target competitors such as the Audi A6L, Mercedes Benz E-Class, and BMW 5 Series. Undoubtedly, the “Double 9 Flagship” combination of Wenjie M9 and Xiangjie S9 under the Harmony lntelligent Mobility Alliance will continue to stir up the existing pattern of China’s luxury car market in the future.

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