CATL New Battery: Shenxing PLUS Ushers Supercharging Era

On April 25, 2024, during the opening day of the Beijing International Auto Show, CATL unveiled a revolutionary product—the Shenxing PLUS. This new entry in the world of electric vehicles is the first of its kind, boasting impressive capabilities. As a significant advancement in the CATL new battery lineup, the Shenxing PLUS battery is a lithium iron phosphate battery that delivers a staggering range of 1000 kilometers and features advanced 4C overcharging technology, which allows for rapid charging.

This latest innovation follows closely on the heels of CATL’s previous breakthrough, the Shenxing Supercharged Battery, introduced in August 2023. In just eight months, CATL has managed to shatter previous records with this new release. The Shenxing PLUS sets a new benchmark in the battery industry, enhancing the driving and ownership experience for electric vehicle enthusiasts by offering longer distances and quicker charging times.

The introduction of the Shenxing PLUS battery at such a prestigious event highlights CATL’s role as a leader in battery technology and innovation. By continuously pushing the envelope in lithium iron phosphate battery capabilities, CATL is shaping the future of electric vehicles, making them more accessible and convenient for everyday use. This not only represents a significant stride in technological development but also reinforces CATL’s commitment to advancing environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

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CATL New Battery: 1000km Range for Worry-Free Travel

The Shenxing PLUS battery is changing the game for electric vehicles with its incredible ability to travel up to 1000 kilometers without needing a recharge. This powerful feature of the CATL new battery allows for easy daily commutes, city-to-city trips, and long journeys without the usual range anxiety associated with electric cars. With the Shenxing PLUS, the potential for smooth, extended travel in new energy vehicles is greater than ever.

This remarkable capability stems from continuous advancements in battery technology. The Shenxing PLUS utilizes sophisticated particle grading technology in its positive electrode. This method carefully places each nanoparticle to maximize efficiency, achieving exceptional pressure and solid density. Additionally, the battery includes innovative three-dimensional, honeycomb-like materials at the negative electrode. These materials boost the battery’s energy density while managing the physical expansion that occurs during charging and discharging cycles.

Furthermore, CATL has pioneered a novel integrated shell structure for the battery cell design with the Shenxing PLUS battery. This design significantly enhances how space is used within the battery cells, pushing the energy density of these cells to unprecedented levels.

On a system-wide scale, the Shenxing PLUS battery incorporates topology optimization, building on the foundation of the third-generation modular technology known as CTP 3.0. This optimization maximizes the energy storage capacity and improves the efficiency of the volume grouping by 7%. Thanks to these dual advancements in materials and structure, the energy density of the Shenxing battery system has now exceeded the 200Wh/kg threshold, reaching 205Wh/kg. This breakthrough means that vehicles equipped with the Shenxing PLUS battery can achieve a range of over 1000 kilometers, setting a new standard for electric vehicle performance and reliability.

CATL New Battery: 10min Recharge for 600km

The Shenxing PLUS battery is a standout in the world of electric vehicles, offering both long-lasting power and rapid charging capabilities. This CATL new battery can impressively charge up to 600 kilometers of range in just 10 minutes. This speed shatters existing benchmarks, effectively delivering “1 second, 1 kilometer” of charge, showcasing a truly remarkable advancement in battery technology.

To accomplish such fast charging rates, the Shenxing PLUS battery incorporates several cutting-edge technologies. It features a fast ion conductor coating that enhances the movement of ions between the battery’s positive and negative electrodes, making the transfer of energy more efficient. The battery also benefits from transition metal doping and a novel nano-coating, both of which streamline and accelerate the energy flow.

Moreover, the Shenxing PLUS has been designed with an increased overcurrent area and capacity at the pole. This improvement ensures that the battery can cool down quickly even during high-current charging sessions, which is crucial for maintaining battery health and safety. Additionally, the battery management system (BMS) of the Shenxing PLUS utilizes a newly developed AI intelligent polarization model. This advanced feature allows for real-time prediction and control of the charging current, enhancing the charging process to be not only faster but also smarter.

These innovations underline the Shenxing battery’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in electric vehicle technology, offering users a superior experience in both performance and convenience. The Shenxing PLUS battery, therefore, represents a significant step forward in the pursuit of more efficient, powerful, and user-friendly electric vehicles.

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CATL New Battery: Creating a Supercharged Ecosystem

In addition to launching its innovative high-performance batteries, CATL has kicked off the construction of the Shenxing Supercharge Network, set to become the biggest overcharge service platform in China. Through collaborations with leading industry partners like Huawei, Star Charging, Yunkuai Charging, and Shudao New Energy, CATL aims to offer a top-notch and cost-effective driving experience for owners of vehicles equipped with Shenxing Supercharged Batteries.

Additionally, Ningde Times is introducing the first-ever Shenxing Car Owner Club. Leveraging a globally leading after-sales service system, Ningde Times operates over 600 offline physical service locations across 31 provincial areas and 271 cities at the prefecture level. This extensive network will deliver comprehensive services including road rescue, battery testing, and maintenance to vehicle owners, enhancing their overall ownership experience.

CATL is committed to pushing the boundaries of science and striving for a better life. By integrating advanced Shenxing PLUS batteries, the expansive supercharge network platform, and exceptional vehicle owner services, CATL is crafting a holistic supercharged ecosystem. This initiative is designed to propel the new energy vehicle industry into a new era where supercharging becomes a standard, rapidly enhancing how energy is managed and utilized in electric vehicles. This approach not only underscores CATL’s innovation in battery technology but also their dedication to enhancing the electric vehicle experience on a broad scale.

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